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Choice - A Design Quality of Choice

Choice, which refers to the possibility of designing tasks and activities so that students can exercise choice either in what they are to learn or how they go about learning that which it is required that they learn. In what areas do students want choice in the classroom or school? To what extent do these students like to be part of making decisions regarding the processes used in assessing their performance and determining the standards by which their performance will be evaluated?

Choice –

Are students provided choices

  • In the way they will produce the product, time, sequence and order of task completion?
  • With regard to the final product or the nature of the performance to be presented?

Choice. When students have some degree of control over what they are doing, they are more likely to feel committed to doing it. This doesn't mean students should dictate school curriculum, however. Schools must distinguish between giving students choices in what they do and letting them choose what they will learn.

When Focusing on the Design Quality of Choice, Ask Yourself These Questions

  • How might I provide students choice in accessing information?
  • What are some ways that students might participate in decisions regarding the processes used to assess performance and/or determine standards by which their performance will be assessed?
  • How might students have choice in the products they create?

All information has been taken from the Schlechty Center.