Pediatric neonatal surgeon

With sub specialties in fetal surgery and perinatology.

Responsibillities and day to day task of a Sub specialised pediatric surgeon.

As a normal pediatric surgeon I would exclusively operate on children 1-18. Although with Sub specialites in neonatology, fetal surgery, and perinatology, I would operate on children and there mothers in highrisks pregnancies, Premature birth, and congential defects etc.

Work enviroment

In this particular career i would work in the Pediatric ward, and NICU, hopital.

A pediatric ward is a specific zone of the hospital for children.

A NICU is a neonatal intesive care unit, Which is where very ill newborns stay.

Required education

I will have to do 4 years of premed earning a double major in biology and biochemistry.

After earning a double bachelors degree i will, Apply to a medical school and take the MCAT exam. Then i will do a 5 year general surgery residencies, A 5 year obstetrics residency, And 3 fellowships in pediatric, neonatal, and perinatology.


per hour 170 dollars sper hour.

$339,738 per year.

Equipment and tools


Suture (vicryl, prolene, silk, nylon, etc)






Rib spreaders

Et tube (pediatric follow guide line Age + 16/3)


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career outlook

Demand for sub-specialized surgeons is high. Fetal surgeons are hard to come by because of the complexity of the surgeries. Due to the high stress and demand on neonatal surgeons, the careers in this field are extremely secure.

Associations related to the career

American board of pediatrics

American board of labor statistics

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