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Reminders for Spring 2015!

Hello, students and families!

First, let me wish students and families a wonderful holiday season! This break is an important time to refresh, relax, read, and then return with a new commitment for the spring. We do not assign homework between semesters because we all deserve a true break :-)


· The Middle College office will be closed from 12/19-1/4 -- our staff assistant, Chris Brandin, will be back in the office on 1/5.

· MC classes will resume on 1/12.

· Our classes will meet from 10:30-1:00 on 1/12-21.

· Monday 1/19 is a holiday. College classes start on 1/22 and MC classes will revert to their normal time of 12:30-3:10.

· Please note: regular curriculum instruction will begin on 1/12 -- we will meet briefly as a full group in the University Center (6-101) before breaking into class groups.


All MC classes and the two MC offices are in Building 5 and 6, which are connected. If you are coming from the bus stop or the bookstore, walk down the stairs next to the bookstore to The Grove (cafeteria). Go through the Grove to the corridor and near the Health Center at the end of the hall, either take the exterior stairs down, or take the elevator to the first floor. We will meet first in the University Center, the large, open room. The MC faculty office is also on this level, in room 112, as are two of the classrooms we use: 5-115 and 5-123. On the second floor, Chris is in 5-226, and the two classrooms we use on this level are 5-221 and 5-227. Don't worry - we will help you find your way :-)

Your college classes will be located in other buildings around campus.


If you are driving to campus, you will not need a parking permit for the first two weeks, but we urge you to purchase one before the college semester begins on 1/22. You may purchase one HERE.


We will provide the textbooks for the high school classes.

In order to rent textbooks from the college bookstore for your college classes, you need to have a credit card on file at the bookstore and complete a rental contract. You can call the bookstore for more information at 650-306-3313 or email them at canadabookstore@smccd.edu.


You should have already received a copy of your spring college schedule; this has a tuition bill on it. Ignore the balance due. MC will waive the tuition and pay the materials fees once the semester begins, so it will appear as if you have a balance due until we take care of that. All tuition is waived for MC students enrolled in 11 units or fewer; students are responsible for paying tuition if enrolled in 11.5 units or more ($46 per unit).


Please do not change the PIN on your WebSmart accounts. We need to access that account to change your schedule if needed and to pull up grades at the end of each semester.

A last reminder: you are registered for three or four college classes in addition to your three Middle College classes. You are going to be very busy in the spring. The general rule for college courses is that for every hour you spend in class, you will spend two hours outside of class studying, reading, and preparing for the next class. Some of your courses also involve lab time in addition to class lecture time. Our point is, those of you who are planning to work should think very carefully about how many hours you will be able to work without compromising your success in school.

Please remember that you are now in college. You are expected to bring your own supplies to class with you every day, starting the first day, January 12th. College courses move at a faster pace than high school, so being on top of your classes is a must for success in the Middle College program.

Again, let us wish you a happy holiday season! Enjoy the time off :-) We look forward to seeing you on January 12th at 10:30am.

Jen B, Alison, Jen P, Halo, and Chris

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