Effects of Steriods

Be A Pro. Not Faux.

What are Steriods?

Steroids are a body enhancing drug that allows your body to be bigger stronger faster, so on and so fourth. They are generally used in sports to make your performance better. But, steroids are illegal in most professional sports these days. Many people will also use them to make them look better or bigger or just what they want to be when they are not. Though, there are some pretty bad side effects to using steroids and that is what I am here to inform you about.

Why not do Steroids?

Steroids can ultimately do very bad things to your body and your reputation. Here are a list of things that can change and bad things that will happen to you if you do not follow the orders of a certain amount of use of steroids. You will get cancer in your testosterone, It will stop growth in certain parts of your body, It can get you banned from pro league sports, It can also just plain ruin your reputation. That is why you should not use steroids.