My Fable

Claire Costello

The Turtle And The Snake

There once was a turtle named Tammy. She was obviously very slow, and hated her gigantic shell covering her body. Living nearby, there was a snake named Sam. He was not the kindest, but could move very fast because he didn’t have a large shell dragging him down. Sam the snake would always come and brag to the turtle. It made her feel jealous because he was so fast and had extraordinary stripes lining his skin. She wished she could be him very badly.

One day, two young boys were playing near the swamp. They were laughing while stomping on frogs, bugs, and other swamp creatures. When the boys neared the turtle and the snake, Tammy the turtle easily hid in her shell, but Sam, not having a shell to hide in, slithered away as fast as he could. One boy caught up to him and squished him. The other boy walked over to Tammy and tried to squish her. Being in her shell, she was completely unharmed and perfectly fine.