Sora Magazines

New! Magazines now available in Sora

We are so excited!

We now have a subscription to magazines available to everyone in Sora.

Here is the direct link to the curation ribbon: New! Magazines!

Fast facts:

  • All magazines are simultaneous use (this means they're always available, no waiting)
  • These magazines filter by content access level, just like Sora ebooks (so you don't have to worry about your littles checking out Rolling Stone)
  • Coverage includes current issues as well as access to 1 to 3 years of back issues, depending on the title (click on "select another issue" on the details page to choose which issue you want)
  • Borrowing time is 1 week
  • Magazines don't count as part of the 3 checkout limit (we're still learning), but just return titles when you are done so you can get more!
  • The dyslexic font is not available for magazines
  • These are intended for pleasure reading, which means..
    • You can't use Sora notetaking features (but you can copy and paste from an article into a Word file or Google doc)
    • You can't use Sora's search function to find specific article content

*(Notes adapted from Monroe2BOCES SLS)