Elm Class Update

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This week in the Elm Class (as told by Elm students)

We went to Fort Greene Park together and on the way we saw my dad. (Isaac)

When we were there we saw Ranger Chris Wood.

We did Jump jump in math.

WE are making stuffed animals... special things are happening in sewing.

We made some projects in exploration like sewing hearts.

We are having a movie night on January 10 and we are choosing what we want to watch.

We are writing a book all about Brooklyn.

We are going to do a published book.

We finished the book Rainbow Crow.

The Winter Break will be next Tuesday.

Winter Break

We have school on Monday! Then the Winter Break begins. We hope you enjoy the holidays. We will come back to school on Monday, January 4th.
Also in the new year, Elm will focus our attention on our commitments to give friendship and respect to one another. We have been having many class conversation about these topics in relation to small peer conflicts that arise during the course of our days together. Elm is also working to manage our time well so everyone has time for learning and play at appropriate times. Thank you for supporting these goals through conversations at home too.

Project Time

Our walk through the neighborhood provided us with the opportunity to begin noticing and wondering about Brooklyn’s past. We also compared photographs of the same Brooklyn locations at different times in our history to notice, learn and wonder about how changes have occurred in our borough. We look forward to investigating everyone’s questions in the new year.


This week we worked on our All About Brooklyn class book. Each student made their work even better. Students added new details to their work and edited their spelling and capitalization. We then started to publish! Second graders worked to re write their ideas and add non-fiction features such as photographs, captions, diagrams, and maps. We look forward to sharing this book with families soon.


The Em class is growing confident in using the open number line asa model for our thinking. The strategies of making jumps from or to friendly numbers is helping us deconstruct and reconstruct numbers to add two-digit numbers with greater ease.


This week readers continued to study non-fiction texts. We specifically focused on the keywords associated with a non-fiction topic. In order to build new understanding readers will learn vocabulary. We brainstormed words we expected to read before we started reading and we also used non-fiction text features to help determine the meaning of new words.

At home, you can share non-fiction texts. Think about keywords or lingo that you expect to read in the text. You can take note when you read one of those keywords. Together, you can also use and discuss text features such as text boxes, labels, and the glossary.


The sewing center inspired many students to design and create stuffed animals. Students also planned and constructed a chair in the block area. We will talk about new centers the class wants to open up in 2016.

We have exploration time from 2:50-3:30. Please let us know if you would ever like to join us to lead a center or support some of the children's work.


We have gotten to hear about special objects or photographs from each member of the Elm Class. We have learned more about one another during this time and inspired questions and connections.

We will start a new share format after break.

Trip to the New Victory Theater

Thursday, Jan. 21st 2016 at 9am-1pm

209 West 42nd Street

New York, NY

The second grade will travel to the New Victory theater and see a performance of The Velveteen Rabbit.

We would love to have some family members join us for this trip. Please let us know if you are interested.