Coaches Corner

May 2022


Students in Sara Olson's 2nd grade Cardinal Crunch group are ramping up thier vocabulary and comprehension skills by reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The IC was happy to collaborate and support their efforts.

Dustin Ward and the instructional coach partnered up to bring new ideas to the last unit in Geometry, Circles. Together we brainstormed ideas to keep the students engaged and focused as we enter the last few weeks of school.
First Graders in Danielle Dykstra's class are ready to research! The IC and Mrs. Dykstra joined forces to incorprorate website resources, so that each student might become an expert on their chosen animal.
Nate Benzing wanted to revamp how students signed up for summer band lessons. Together we created a Google Form that allowed us to quickly and efficiently collect the information needed so that a summer band lesson schedule could be created.
The instructional coach partnered with Ashley Pahnisch, long-term high school PE sub and next year's 5/6 social studies teacher, to help monitor students as they walked around Garner picking up trash for Earth Day. The total amount of trash collected was 117 pounds!
Ashley Young, Racine Dodd and Kelley Nedved each hosted a student teacher for the very first time. The IC supported their efforts with planning sessions to insure that veteran and student teachers were off to a good start. Reflective conversations along the way helped to guide their growth.


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