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Main Agricultural Products

  • Coffee
  • Soybeans
  • Beef
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Cocoa
  • Citrus

Native Customs and Beliefs for Eating

Brazilians value mealtime with family and friends. The average Brazilian eats three meals a day. Breakfast (café da manha) is usually eaten between 6 and 8 a.m., lunch (almoco) is taken between noon and 2 p.m., and dinner (jantar) is eaten between 6 and 8 p.m. Extended family members often gather together for lunch on Sundays. Brazilians eat in the continental style, with the knife in the right hand and the fork in the left. One wipes the mouth frequently throughout a meal before drinking. After-meal conversation often takes place over a cup of strong cafezinho (black coffee). In restaurants, diners call the server by holding up the index finger or by softly saying Garçom (Waiter). While the bill usually includes the tip, one may leave extra change. If the tip is not included, leaving 10 to 15 percent is customary.

Holiday Celebrations

  1. Janaury 1st - New Years Day
  2. April 21st - Tiradentes' Day
  3. May 1st - Labour Day
  4. May 2nd - Mother's Day
  5. September 7th - Independence Day
  6. November 2nd - All Souls Day
  7. December 25th - Christmas

Foods served at all of these events:

  • Bauru
  • Pamonha
  • Pastel
  • Salgado
  • Caipirinha (cocktail)