Conservation Of The Ocean

Help save the ocean and all its inhabitants

Oil Spills

There have been a lot of oil spill s in the past few years, especially the one in the Gulf Of Mexico. One way we can help clean up the oil is by joining the National Wildlife Federations oil spill volunteer group.

Littering On The Beach

Many people litter on the beach every day and its only getting worse as the human population grows. More than 90% of the trash ends up in the ocean. There are people in this world, and company's that help pick up this trash that is left to be swept away by the tide and carried into the ocean. one company that helps pick up the trash is Ocean Conservatory. There the number one ocean cleaning company in the world. Groups like these are the key in helping make our oceans clean again.

Deastruction Of Coral Reefs

The worlds coral reefs are decreasing because of the thing we humans do. Fishermen dump there bad nets into the water, people leave trash on the beach. One way to help increases the coral refs in the world is by sinking ship to make artificial coral reefs. One artificial reef is the Texas Clipper.


The Ocean Conservancy team is working to stop overfishing and the pollution of the beaches/oceans.

Plastic In The Ocean

The Ocean Clean Up company is working on ways to get all the water bottles out of the ocean.