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Biographical Information

Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He has also played on the Indianapolis Colts. He has been in the NFL since 1998. He was on the Colts from 1998-2012, took a year off to have neck surgery and signed to the Broncos in 2013. Peyton is 39 years old which is typically unheard of for NFL quarterbacks to be playing at this age. Manning grew up in New Orleans and played football at University of Tennessee. Peyton is not only a huge impact on the field but he has also proven himself a leader off the field. He founded his own foundation, called PeyBack Foundation, in 1999. This work has enabled Manning to touch the lives of thousands of young people ("Peyton Manning Biography").

PeyBack Foundation

According to the PeyBack Foundation website, "the goal is to promote the future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk." Peyton’s foundation has given away more than $10 million in grants and programs between his four communities in Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Manning is the president and also supports PeyBack financially. He doesn’t just give money, he is an active president in all major decisions. He is always wondering how he can further the success of the foundation and better unprivileged kids' lives.


  • Scholarships: All athletic directors whose schools participate in the PeyBack Classic have a chance to nominate students who are involved in athletics, their community, and do well academically.

  • Grant Program: Every year the foundation funds other youth-based organizations.

  • “True Heroes:" Is a program through Peyton Manning's Children’s Hospital in St. Vincent, Indianapolis. The program has parties/events with selected children at the hospital several times a year. Peyton's goal behind this is to show them that they’re not fighting their illness alone. These parties include pizza parties, holiday festivities, tickets to sporting events, zoo trips, and visits from Manning himself.

  • Ticket Incentive Program: Allows disadvantaged kids to attend a Denver Broncos home game. PeyBack Foundation has purchased a ticket block to every home game allowing as many kids as possible to see the Broncos play.

  • Holiday Celebration: During the months of November and December, the PeyBack Foundation hosts several holiday events for children and their families as Peyton realizes how important the holiday season is to young children (PeyBack Foundation).

PeyBack Classic

This event was run when Manning played for the Colts. He would invite six inner-city Indianapolis high school football teams to play in the Colt's Stadium. Peyton not only attended the games but also stayed on the sidelines to hear feedback. The teams involved in the tournament received the money that was raised during these games. This is his "Pey Back" both on and off the football field. These kids enjoy playing in a professional stadium and the teams are paid to fund future events, equipment, etc (PeyBack Foundation).
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“'I can’t thank everyone enough for all their support,' Manning said. 'A special thanks goes to all of our sponsors who made this possible. They understand that the PeyBack Classic is about a lot more than football.'” -Peyton Manning

PeyBack Award

PeyBack Award is given to someone who has been involved in professional football along with showing character, integrity, honor, and who has given back to the game and society. Peyton’s Foundation recognizes how important it is to have good character, be a role model, and be a phenomenal athlete. PeyBack donates $5,000 to the award recipient’s charity of choice ("PeyBack Foundation").

People who received this award:

Kurt Warner, Gale Sayers, Marshall Faulk, Derrick Brooks, Roger Staubach, Dan Marino, and Jim Kelly ("PeyBack Foundation").

Peyton Genuinely Cares About His Fans…

Peyton has always been willing to go out of his way to connect with fans but never cares for the media to catch him in the act. One story by Gregg Doyel, a writer for the Indy Star, exemplifies this. A Peyton Manning fan, Kristen Patterson wrote to Manning at the Broncos to ask for regular-season finale tickets at Cincinnati but didn't give a way to reply back. Manning insisted the Broncos find her and when they did three months later, he gave Kristen and her husband, U.S. Army Sgt. Ryan Patterson, the tickets. The only reason people find out was because another Indy Star reporter happened to be friends with Ryan Patterson on Facebook. The small world connection allowed the story to go viral.

Football Achievements

  • According to Peyton Manning's biography on Academy of Achievement, “Manning owns the second-most wins (154), passing touchdowns (436), completions (5,082) and attempts (7,793) by a quarterback in NFL history, while ranking third with 59,487 career passing yards.”

  • In 2013, he set Broncos single-season records in almost all major passing categories. These include completions, attempts, passing yards, quarterback rating, and an NFL Record for TD's on the way to his record 5th MVP.

  • Manning has completed more passes and thrown for more yards and touchdowns in a career-opening 13-year span than any NFL player.

  • "Manning is the only NFL player with 40,000+ passing yards (42,322) with 3,579 completions and 115 starting wins which ranks as the most in a single decade" ("Peyton Manning Biography").

Manning Passing Academy

  • The Manning Passing Academy is run by his family, Archie (dad), Cooper (brother), Peyton and Eli (brother).

  • The camp was founded in 1996 and is still at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

  • The goal of the camp is to teach the fundamentals of throwing and catching.

  • MPA is a four day summer camp for high school football players who are RB, TE, WR, and QB.

  • The rest of the staff are past or present coaches from the NFL, college, and high school ranks. They make sure to keep the camper to coach ratio 10 to 1 which allows the camp to be highly interactive and players won't be overlooked.

  • Unlike Peyton’s PeyBack Foundation, this is geared towards middle class high schoolers who are interested in getting better at football.

("Manning Passing Academy")
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