Joy Box

brandi inc.

About the product!

This box is full of high end makeup that we guarantee you will love. You never know what your going to get but that's the fun part! You get to come home and open your own little present that you will definitely enjoy. none of the products we send you are cheap. we make sure you are getting something you will love. All you have to do is pay once a month and your done. We mail the box right to you! but what's so great about this is that you are getting a great deal, because the box total is worth more than what you payed for your monthly fee.

Example of products you might get in the box

About the owner

Hi my name is Alejandra Brandi and I am the owner of joy box. I am a single women that loves to wear makeup. I live in Georgia currently with my mom. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to play around with makeup and also wanted to be a makeup artist.I love seeing people happy and I knew right when I started this company that many people would be very happy when they got this. and like i love makeup i thought this was the perfect company for me! That's basically how joy box came to the makeup industry!