Electronic Waste

September and October Activities (2020)

In September

  • The pages were created through the collaborative work of the partners after the partnership body was built. All the partners completed the intro pages about themselves and their schools.

  • Each teachers gave a short briefing about how the twinspace was used after registering their students to the platform.

  • The students created their own gmail account and explored how to use DRIVE for storing information. They introduced themselves by making their avatars speak.

In October

  • Each partner school groups were informed about the logo competition. The groups were internally designed logos and chosen the best one for the final international logo competition.

  • The final two logos from each school were taken part in the final logo competition. The logo which took the most votes belongs to the Croatian student.

  • Each partner school groups prepared 10 questions on e waste to create a common survey to be implemented in the partner school. The questions were uploaded to the Twinspace. The teachers collaboratively selected the best questions and formed a common survey both in English and their mother tongue. The students took active role in translating.

  • The survey was conducted in partner schools to the other students and teachers. The student groups were prepared a survey report using different tools.

  • Some discussions topics were started on forum for the students and teachers to leave comment on.

  • The teachers meeting was held for discussing about the work programme.
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