Tech 1-2-3



Thinglink allows you to upload an image and tag it for a more detailed description and interactive experience. Applications in the classroom could include interactive lab diagrams, photo maps, student or teacher introductions, digital portfolios, virtual field trips, character descriptions, art project explanations, photo quizzes, infographics, analyze an advertisement, analyze graphs and charts. If you are comfortable with going even further, try Thinglink videos! *If you want to add more than one image, you will need to create a collage first then upload.

Online Bookmarking

Zuwmalt is not a 1:1 district but our students are using computers in classes daily. They are bombarded with websites each teacher wants them to use and visit. It can be overwhelming to them, so why not help them get organized? As a teacher, you are likely to have a system in place where all your information is easily accessible from home or school, it just makes sense to pass that organizational skills along to our students. Take ten minutes out of class to introduce them or use one for a class assignment!

Interactive Timelines

Think outside the box when assigning timelines to your students. Ditch the paper/pencil/posterboard and go interactive. Think biographies, books, personal narratives, resume outlines, showcase events, chronological portfolios. With interactive timelines, students can add videos, audio, primary sources, and images to show depth of knowledge, analyze information, and interpret events.

Please check with your school librarian for assistance or questions

Thank you!