The Burgeson Beat

November 17, 2015


We are finishing up our Global Read Aloud. We finished the book Fish and have been developing a plan to provide help to the refugees in Syria and other parts of the world. This has been an enlightening study for the kids.

We are also finishing up our book clubs this week. Students need to be done with their book club book by their meeting date on Wed. or Thurs.

Students will then spend the rest of this week and part of next week finishing a book club project.


Fractions! We have moved away from division for a moment and will be doing a unit on fractions that will probably last until the holiday break.

Fractions will involve some division and multiplication also.


We are writing persuasive essays right now. Students have done their opening paragraphs and will be completing supporting paragraphs before Thanksgiving if we run on schedule. We will finish these after Thanksgiving. Students can access these through google classroom from any internet enabled device.

Social Studies

Students are finishing a unit on early explorers. We took the chapter test on Tuesday. Please look for those grades in google classroom or on Harmony. Students will be completing an explorers project prior to Thanksgiving break.


We have had a short break from science and will be getting back into it after Thanksgiving. Be on the look out for an extra credit science fair project too!