Antwerp, Belgium

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Have You Ever Visited Antwerp

Have you ever been to Antwerp? Have you ever heard of Antwerp? I'm guessing you probably haven't. Antwerp is a city in Belgium that is in the Flanders Region where most people speak flemish. This city's location economically and culturally perfect for Antwerp.

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To begin with, the main success of the Antwerpian economy is its world wide sea port that leads from the Schelde River to the North Sea.This is where industries such as commercial agencies and commission agents, imports and exports, banking foundations, insurance companies, transported enterprises, and much more economic activities take place. In the 1600's, it created an important sugar-refining industry which succeeded when sugarcane was imported, refined, and exported again. Petroleum refiners were created in the 1920's. The economy start rapid growth after the Second World War. The petroleum industry grew and large amounts of equipment were added. A fun fact about this city includes a legend that states the first diamond was cut in Antwerp in 1476. Ever since the 1600's, Antwerp has been an international industry of cutting and selling diamonds.
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One of Antwerp's most important part of their culture is the art. As still known today, these two famous men are still in museums for their art including Chritophe Plantin from the 1600's and Peter Paul Rubens of the 1700's. This is shared with some of the artistic traditions of the Flemish. As a number of museums stand alone, others stand with historical buildings, such as the Steen, a midieval castle that stands along with the National Maritime Museum. These museums have ancient artifacts including sculptures, furniture, and paintings. Near the Schelde River, you can find museums for folklore and ethnography. Another part of Antwerp's culture is that Antwerp's architecture ranges from Gothic to Postmodernism.
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Now Do You Know What Antwerp is?

Now, if anyone ever asks you about Antwerp, you have plenty to say. Be sure to add in a part about the Schelde River and the what it brings along with the awesome arts and its creators. If you ever visit Antwerp, be sure to feel its luxury as well as sailing on the Schelde River and visiting the museums alive with the culture of Antwerp!
Capital Of Diamond Antwerp

If it doesn't work, type in ANTWERP CAPITAL OF DIAMONDS in youtube and pick the 3rd one on the page that should be 7min long


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