AM National Newsletter

#32 | Week 4 | March 2016

The Open Quest Update - JB takes the lead!

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It has been a colorful week in the Open Quest as AIESEC in UNMC, TU and Johor Bahru all landed in the challenge space 5, with JB coming out on top and cruising through the board to a solid lead. Other LCs are leaving the harbour but still need to pick up the pace to make it to open sea!

Getting both oGCP and iGCP applicants for your LC is your objective, no matter which functional area you are in - to score points, all you need to do is bring new students to EXPA and make them apply to internships or open your school or NGO TN forms and have international students apply for your projects. This is how we ensure the success of our Summer Peak, so get above deck and start firing your cannons, because the sea waits for noone!

The New Customer Flow & EXPA

EXPA | How it Works?

The conversion from our old SOP to the new terms like "Applicant", "Accepted" and "Approved" might still be confusing for you - but all can be dealt with this simple video by our amazing MCVP IM John! Click the button below to access the Customer Flow document that you can download and keep it at hand's reach!

Online Payment System Launch!

How to make an online payment?

It's an exciting day for AIESEC in Malaysia as your EPs now have the opportunity to do their OGX fee payment online! Discover how your EP will have to proceed with this video! The exact SOP for online payment will be sent to your LCVP Finance if you have any further doubts.

Other Breaking News

Registrations for LEAD Webinar still open!

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Thank you to all of you who attended our successful 1st LEAD education webinar. Your attendance is highly appreciated!

Due to overwhelming response, we have decided to extend the registration. If you haven't done so, do grab this golden opportunity now by clicking the button below!

2nd education webinar: Customer flow & EP LEAD module

3rd education webinar: a) OPS (For oGCP) b) IPS (For iGCP)

The Getmii Challenge is On!

Getmii is looking for a brave individual from any university to join us at the Harvard Innovation Lab to turn youth opinion into real world impact through the AIESEC YouthSpeak Survey.

How to enter the challenge?

1. Go to to fill in the YouthSpeak Survey

2. Screen shot your glory points on the last day of the challenge, April 30th

3. Post it on your Facebook or Instagram and tag us @getmiiasia with hash tag#GetmiiAsia #GetmiiChallenge

4. Follow the Getmii Asia page on Facebook and Instagram for updates and announcement of winners!

Updates from the MC Office

Out of Office

This week: Ana (Visa Run, Indonesia)

Next week: JT (APC Pre-Meeting, China)

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> Family Visit and External Meetings

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> LC Budget Consolidation and LC Consultation

John (IM)

-> EXPA Tutorial on Malaysian AIESEC Hub and AI Steering Team App

Jane (oGCP)

-> EST Sub Team Support and CEED Support

Edward (iGCP)

-> Finalize IR Strategy and Open all Forms on EXPA

Peter (iGTP)

-> Functional Summit Agenda

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> EP Assessment Standards and EP Assessment Tools

Erik (CX)
-> CX Intro Booklet and GCP Functional Summit Support

Manu (OD)

-> SONA Review & Launch and UUM Coaching

Ana (TM)

-> MRD Spring Report and LnD local Check In

JT (Expansion)

-> EPRD Project and UM Coaching Follow Up

Kenny (BD)

-> Meeting with TalentCorp, KL Gateway & Polytechnic and iGCP Sales Team Prep

Paul (Marketing)

-> Functional Summit Agenda

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