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WHAT'S COOKIN' April 2016

Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week

This week we take time to recognize all the women and men that work in this great department! I am so proud of the work you all do, the love you give, the great food you make, and the enthusiasm you have. I know that we have challenged ourselves and tried many new things this year. You all pulled together as a team! We have had a very successful year because of your hard work. It shows and people notice. Thank you and I hope as each and everyone of you reflect back on the year, you are as proud of your contributions as I am!

School Gardens Take Bloom

We are hoping to expand and implement potentially more school gardens in and around our district. School gardens truly do take a village to maintain! They are primarily created so students can learn about agriculture practices and also get excited about fruits and vegetables. Studies show that children who take part in gardening typically consume more fruits and vegetables. We all know that incorporating more plant based foods into our diets is a good thing! So lets get growing! If you are interested in being part of a team to get a garden started at your school, please contact Janeen at . Our part is to help the team with how to harvest and then how to serve the item(s) in our lunch or breakfast. Usually the harvest may only be enough for a taste or a one day serve on our garden bar. The education the kids receive and the fun they have taking part in growing it is the pay off!

Twins Home Opener Celebration

All schools celebrated Twins Home Opener on April 11th with hot dogs and popcorn. Thanks for a great promotion!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Lake House Cafe

April 26th was the dedication ceremony of the Lake House Cafe. The Prior Lake Chamber, along with the Superintendent Teri Staloch, Executive Director of Finances Julie Cink, Board Members, staff and students were all in attendance to make it official. Thank you to Julie who first recognized the concept and helped make it a reality for Prior Lake High School!

Update on Wozupi Garden Produce

We unfortunately will not be getting any produce this spring from Wozupi Tribal Gardens in Shakopee. We will, however, be ready to go next fall with carrots, matchstick beets, green peppers, romaine lettuce, kohlrabi, and green beans. It will be a fun kick off in the fall!

Earth Day Fun

So many of you had fun with Earth Day-great way to celebrate our District's commitment to being GREEN! Didn't get any photos of the special dessert but I heard great reviews on it!

Spring Fling at Jeffers

Jeffers team brightening the kids' day with color and music! Who was having more fun that day-you or the kids? Beach balls and music helped make the event a success!

Customer Service Matters

As I spend time around the district I see great examples of customer service: smiling and thanking students, taking the time to laugh and share conversation, as well as putting extra touches on your line to make them attractive. We continue to focus on this aspect of our business. We want to make students feel welcome and treat them, knowing they do have other options for lunch than to dine with us. I know you see the same customers everyday. Take time recognize new students and tell them you are glad they came to eat with us. Encourage students to try fruits and vegetables. Check your signs to make sure they send a positive tone even if you are trying to redirect a behavior. Walk to the other side of the line and see it though your customer's eyes. Atmosphere and friendly service is as important as great tasting food! For additional information on this topic, check out SNA's upcoming webinar.

Upcoming May/June events

May 2-5: Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week

May 9: Dan Patch Year End Chapter meeting at Nutmeg Brewhouse in Burnsville

May 5: Cinco de Mayo celebration menu at all schools

May 20: Nutrition Education and Taste Testing at all schools: Kumquats!

May 30: Memorial Day-Enjoy your day off

June 10: All district staff -End of Year Breakfast at Prior Lake High School

Upcoming Trainings

Some other upcoming trainings include( see links below):

May 3rd: Discussions on what makes programs shine

May 24th: Year end wrap up