Happily Ever After

By Ella Wylie and Inaru Moctezuma

Information About The Song

This three part song-a whopping eleven minutes, no less- includes snippets eleven songs all from Disney Classic movies. Some include Be Our Guest, Part of Your World, and Colors of the Wind. The original artists include Mel Leven (Cruella De Vil), and Stephen Schwartz (Colors of the Wind). Over all, Disney put these in the movies and get most of the credit. The arranger of the mash up is Mac Huff. The piece of music includes various composers. The time signature is 4/4, like most music, but this melody is anything but ordinary.

Interesting Tidbits

One thing you might not know about the arranger of the song is that Mac was learning piano from a young age, and learned piano party tricks by age ten. (He can be quoted with "Don't ask.") Another bit you might not have known is that The song “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” was popular in mainstream music thanks to a version by Perry Como and the Fontane sisters. Something else interesting about the Mary Poppins movie is thirty songs were going to be in the already long movie, but twenty were cut.