Interesting Rocks & Cycles

Science Assignment. Carla

Rock Info

Rocks are so common that most of us take them for granted.
To geologists, a rock is a natural substance composed of solid crystals of different minerals that have been fused together into a solid lump.
The minerals may or may not have been formed at the same time. What matters is that natural processes glued them all together.

The Cycle of Rocks

This mind map shows the types of rocks and how they are made and formed. It also shows you the cycle between the rocks and how they are deformed. It tells you the process and the direction of the cycle.
These changes take over hundreds of years and long waiting.


The following picture shows you the cycle of rocks and how they form and deform.

The link to see it bigger.

Mindmap Information

The mind map (when you click the link) will show you types of rocks and how they formed. It will also tell you the definition of the different types of rocks and why they look how they look.
It tells you each type of rock and what it used for and why some are really rare.

Types Of Rocks

The follwoing pictures show you the type of rocks.

The first one is Igneous rocks

Second one is Metamorphic rocks

The last one is Sedimentary rocks

What Happens to a rock over millions of years

-Let's examine the life of a rock. It might start out as magma deep below the earth's surface. The magma bubbles up through a crack in the crust. It cools and becomes an igneous rock. It just lies around on the earth's surface for a few thousand years.

-Over the years, wind, water, and gravity slowly weather it away. Particles of its minerals are carried off into the nearby river. They are carried along by the current. Around the bend of the river, the current slows down. The particles are deposited on the bottom of the river bed.

-Slowly, layer upon layer is built up. The deposits are compacted together to form a sedimentary rock. Or maybe the river dries up. The minerals between the large particles cement them together. Now it is a sedimentary rock on the earth's surface.

-Over the next few thousand years, the sedimentary rock becomes buried farther below the surface. The heat and pressure around it increase. Over time, it changes into a metamorphic rock.

-Deep below the surface, the metamorphic rock comes into contact with some magma. It melts; the magma erupts and cools. It becomes an igneous rock again.

Interesting Facts ABout Rocks

  • Did you know that the diamond is the hardest natural substance found on earth?

  • Did you know that quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth?

  • Did you know that marble forms from metamorphosed carbonate rock, most usually limestone?

  • Did you know that basalt is the most common rock on Earth?

  • Did you know that breccia is a rock composed of generally large, sharp fragments cemented together?