By: Sumer S., Desire S., Austin W., Elena S.

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Religion Origin

Religion origin: Christianity originated in Palestine in 33 CE. Christianity was developed out of Judaism in 1st century CE, founding the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


  • There is only one God.
  • God knows all things.
  • God is all powerful.
  • God is present everywhere.
  • God is true.
  • All people have sinned.
  • Jesus resurrected from the dead.
  • Jesus will return to the Earth again.

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Dieties and Holy Places/ Places Of Worship

  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • The Church of Annunciation

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First originated in Rome and became an accepted religion through Paul when the New World was founded Christianity spread there and by the 1900's Christianity had spread to every continent.


Jesus Christ son of God.

God father of Jesus Christ.

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Religious Symbols

Religious Symbols: The religious symbols of Christianity are the cross, ichthys(fish), alpha and omega, staurogram, Chi Rho, IH monogram, The Good Shepard, Dove, Peacock, Pelican, Anchor, crucifix, and the lamb.