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In Math, students have been working hard, learning about rates, ratios, fractions, integers, and number lines. In class, students were able to participate in several activities that incorporated these math topics. In the upcoming nine weeks, we will be working on solving algebraic equations, dependent and independent variables, and solving real-world and mathematical problems. I look forward to teaching these topics to the students and I believe they will enjoy several of the fun activities that go along with them. Please make sure your child is reviewing their class notes nightly to help with reviewing and becoming better prepared for upcoming quizzes and tests. They can also use Study Island at home for extra practice with math concepts.

**Extra Credit... "The Answer Is" Create a word problem or equation that equals the answer on the board in class. You can earn up to 100 extra points:)

Language Arts

During the 2nd Nine weeks, the Language Arts classes have been very busy. During October and November we learned about “Unsolved Mysteries”. The students were placed with a partner and researched information for writing a paper and creating Power Points to share with the class. They worked diligently on this assignment, researching, writing and presenting. It was a great learning experience as some students were introduced to new technological devices such as iPads and Powerpoint using their gmail. The students worked hard and accomplished much as a team. The end results were excellent! The classes also have been busy learning new “Roots”, which should be very beneficial to them in their future, especially for testing purposes and figuring out word meanings. Also, we have read many articles and short stories, applying Literature terms and activities to enhance their learning.

During the new nine weeks, students will begin a Research Project assignment in Science class which will carry over and continue into Language Arts. Students will research in Science, creating notes and a File on their chosen person. When that part is complete, the assignment will continue in Language Arts as the students will write a formal Research Paper and do an oral presentation for their classmates. This assignment will count as multiple grades in both Science and Language Arts. Information for this project will be coming very soon. We will also continue reading short stories and nonfiction articles, as well as finishing up 6th grade Roots and Grammar and a Poetry unit, as we prepare for the End of Grade Tests in the future.


In Science, students have been learning about basic structures and functions of flowering plants required for survival, reproduction and defense. They have also been learning about photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, and why these are important for plant survival. In class, students worked on an interesting WebQuest the allowed them to explore several websites that had video clips and tons of information about plants. Students conducted a lab activity where they were able to see water movement through different types of plants. This nine weeks in class, we will be focusing on the different types of energy and forces and motion. The students will be doing several engaging lab activities in class that go along with these topics.

Soil & Conservation Activity

Social Studies

In Social Studies class, we continue our study of Ancient civilizations. During the last nine weeks, we finished up Ancient Egypt and began Ancient Greece which will continue into the third nine weeks. We hope to create some “Classroom Olympics” to culminate this unit as everyone looks forward to the upcoming Winter Olympics. We will also begin a study of Ancient Rome during the new nine weeks. It’s an exciting time in 6th grade, with much to look forward to during the next five months.

On a personal note, I want to thank you for being patient and understanding my situation during the first semester, as I was out quite a bit taking care of my sick mother and dealing with her death. I appreciate all of the kindness shown to me through emails, phone calls and cards.


Important Dates:
February 20-21= No School (Planning)
March 27-28= No School (Planning)
April 18-27= No School (Spring Break)

Counselor Corner

As a 6th grade parent, it is probably hard to believe that your child is halfway through his first year in middle school! It seems like yesterday we were preparing for orientation. At this midway point, and with the New Year, it is probably a good idea to assess where your child is academically, emotionally and socially.

The report card is one indicator of progress. Use this as a tool to have a conversation about his or her progress. Sit down with your child to review the report card together. Be calm and let your child explain in his or her words the grades. Find at least one good thing to praise your child about. Then you can focus on what needs to be improved. You may want to ask how you can help your child do better. The answer may surprise you as they might say, “I need a more quiet area to work” or “It’s hard for me on my own to make myself time to do my work.” Also, ask your child what he or she can do to get better grades. Last, make a plan with your child and your child’s teacher to do better.

It is best to make a SMART goal, which is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time oriented. It may be difficult for your child to go from failing grades to As or Bs. Instead, make a realistic and attainable goal in which there will be small success along the way. Also, being specific helps measure progress. For example, instead of saying “I am going to get better grades, “ you would instead say,” I am going to raise all of my grades by one letter grade in all of my classes by the middle of the next nine weeks.’ This way, it is easy to monitor the progress towards the goal. Make a time each week or so to discuss your child’s progress towards that goal. As always, communication with the school is always a best practice in monitoring your child’s academic and emotional progress. Please feel free to call on me to help support you and your child achieve his or her goals.

Mrs. Lori Wike

School Counselor


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