Heritage Day


Take a Tour Around the World

Tour the World - Official Music Video
Iko Iko - Mardi Gras - Just Dance 2

Fun Bollywood Dance

[Just Dance 2] "Katti Kalandal" (Bollywood song) - HQ Choreography

Fun Russian Dance

Just Dance Greatest Hits "Rasputin" 5 Stars

Nations of the World - Animaniacs Style

Animaniacs - Yakko's World - HIGH QUALITY

Sing-a-long to "It's a Small World"

Small World (T. Nahla)

It's A Small World Read Aloud

Disneyland Read-Along - It's A Small World

Plan a Virtual Field Trip Around the World

Use this resource to plan a Virtual Field Trip Around the world with your class.


Fun Facts About Countires

Click on a Country and Learn some Fun Facts.


Crafts from Around the World

Want to do some crafting for Heritage Day? Use this resource to plan some crafty creations as you learn about different cultures.