The Longest Ride

By: Lexi, Melinda, Morgan

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Point of view

The Longest Ride is third person omniscient. We know that it is third person omniscient because it told the thoughts of all the main characters. In this story they used he, she, it, they.


Ira Levinson has finally found his true love, after facing many struggles they grow old together. Unfortunately Ruth dies of a health problem. Meanwhile, Sophia and Luke were driving back to their houses after their first date and saw a car in the ditch. During this amazing story you can go through two lovely couples lives as they have many struggles.
The Longest Ride | Trailer #1 | Official HD 2015


Melinda: She is obsessed with this novel. She likes this book because it describes a love story that doesn't happen very often.

Lexi: She loves this book. She loves this book because it doesn't seem like fairy tale kind of couple, it seems like real life.

Morgan: She thinks that the book is good. She likes this book because of the message it sends.

We would recommend this to people who like Nicholas Sparks and teenagers.

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Literary Devices

  • Onomatopoeia: Pg.1 My father would have scoffed at the notion.
  • Simile: pg.5 My breath comes out in little puffs, like a dragon...
  • Simile: pg. 280 His brain chimed like a guitar string.
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