The Finds In Waco

By Molly Soukup

Mammoths Found in Waco

On July 10, 2015, Barack Obama declared Waco National Park an official park. The park, where its first remains were found in 1978, have popular sight-seeing and excavating ever since.

They found a one-of-a-kind thing: A columbian mammoth nursery herd. It consists of juveniles and females, and males, it was inference they died during mating season in a huge flood. They also found saber-tooth tiger remains and camels.

I highly suggest you check it out! Its worth the drive.

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How Local Religious Leaders React

Local Religious Leaders had mixed reactions, since the animals are not in any of their origin stories. We interviewed the Pastor of Example Baptist Church, a Priest from Example Catholic Church, and a Rabbi from Example Synagogue. They all included different aspects of the religious side of things. They offer fresh alternatives to many different cultures.

Priest: I believe simply that god did make them, he just didn't mention them specifically. God is a complex entity, and no one will know what god does not want them to know.

Rabbi: This is false. God is always right. Its the people who are wrong

Pastor: i believe that the arch-angels made these animals. They wanted revenge on god, so they made these creatures in God's pure, perfect, world.

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The Scientific Side of Things

The effect on the disappearance of these animals is humongous. We would not have present day Waco without the extinction of these animals. Mammoths were the top predators, so without them, the smaller animals would soon be at the top, elevating food chain status.

There would be more trees, for sure. Mammoths would knock down trees to get too food. Without mammoths, there would be more trees. They ate 400 lbs of grass a day. There would be a lot more grass.

The mammoths also helped protect camels. They had a binary relationship. With no mammoths to protect them, they went extinct. Soon, the plants that the camels ate would probably go out of control, with no big predator like the camelops eating it.

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Dinosaur scale

This is a dinosaur scale, which is one meter to one cm. My dinosaur is a T. Rex. That is short for Tyrannosaurus Rex. This was an carnivore, and ate other dinosaurs.
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The picture above is the map of the digsite.