Stephanie Chow for V.P

Why You Should Vote for Me

Why I am Running for Vice President

I've always liked helping people, leading, making a difference and participating in school-events and functions when I can. I think Thomas Metcalf is a great school full of opportunities, and I feel like student council is one of these opportunities. I want to be in student council so I can help people and represent my classmates in a good way.

My Experience

I've had a lot of leadership experience in the past; in sixth grade I started, lead, and was the editor-in-chief for a grade-wide newspaper (which included about 25 sixth graders and four fourth graders). I was elected the director by my classmates for 6 Kane's greek play, Prometheus. I was also a member of the "Lunch Committee", a group of 6th graders elected to represent our class to lead the discussions about rules in the cafeteria near the end of the year. With these leadership experiences along with other ones I am comfortable in roles involving leading, talking, thinking of ideas, and working with other students.

I also have a lot of experience with starting up independent projects/studies so I know how to get jobs done efficiently. In 4th grade I worked on an independent project on Aspergers to learn more about it, and presented an oral report at the end of the year to share what I learned about Aspergers. Metcalf's special education services are a big part of what makes Metcalf special, so I wanted to educate my classmates on a type of disability that I was well-versed on. Throughout 5th grade I wrote a paper on the Revolutionary War, which I did not know much about the time. The following summer I prepared it to be published as an iBook. I published it in the beginning of 6th grade and it has been downloaded over 300 times. I tutored four fourth graders for writing to help nurture their great writing skills and help their creativity grow. As of now, I am working on a project for Tech Class in order to bring together all of the 7th Grade Tech rooms (created in Trimble Sketchup) into one "neighborhood" so they can be explored in one Trimble Sketchup world.

I commit to working towards a goal, I don't give up and I work consistently at it. Since I was four years old, I've been participating in the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) Festival in piano and have scored eight superiors. In 6th Grade I was the guitarist in IMEA Jazz Band One and plan to audition again this year.

I have volunteer experience as well, as I volunteered for two weeks to help out in Metcalf's College for Youth program and am a standby peer role model for Skill Sprouts, a program to help children with social disabilities.

My Goals as V.P

There are things I would like to do as a vice president, ideas I'd like to implement but the main focus of the student council is representing you! I want to represent you guys, my classmates; so tell me your ideas and concerns and I will represent you. I will listen to everyone's ideas and concerns and try to use your ideas in student council. My number one goal is to represent you and your ideas in a good light.

I have ideas as well; ideas for fundraisers, ways to make spirit week really exciting, ways to give back to the community but also make it fun. I know we can all make a difference in our Metcalf community if we all work together!

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