Piedmont Region


Physical Features

The vast rolling hills of the Piedmont region are very fun in the winter. You can sled on the hills when it's snowing. The Piedmont region is west of the very treacherous Fall Line. If you like kayaking, the Piedmont is for you! Piedmont is west of the Tidewater region, which has flat land. If you like trails, you can ride your bike, car, SUV, or horses in the Tidewater. Look at that beautiful land!


Virginia has a great region called the Piedmont. It has rich golden farms, technology, tobacco, and textiles. Textiles are like woven cloth.You can have yummy fruits and vegetables, wonderful clothing, and cool new iPhones and tablets.This region is a great place to go for a wonderful vacation.

Interesting Tidbits

Did you know Thomas Jefferson lived in the piedmont region? His house was called Monticello. You can get a tour through his amazing house, see where he is buried and walk through his vast gardens too.

In the piedmont you can see the fall line. The fall line is a series of majestic waterfalls and rushing rapids that separate the piedmont from the coastal plain.

The piedmont is where you can see beautiful farmland. It also has beautiful sunsets, that you can watch on the long, rolling hills.

For additional information:

Cities of Piedmont

We will have a few cities that are wonderful to stop and that are in the Piedmont.Our first stop is Danville. Danville hosts the Danville Braves baseball club of the Appalachian League.The next city is Fairfax. Fairfax forms part of Washington Metropolitan Area and that is awesome! Next we have Alexandria. Alexandria is approximately 6 miles south of downtown Washington D.C.Our fourth stop is Richmond. The capital of Virginia,oh yah! Lets move on,the next city is Petersburg. Petersburg is located on the Appomattox River which is part of the Fall Line.Our last city is Bedford. Bedford serves as the County seat of Bedford County.These are just some of the cities in the Piedmont. I wonder if you can come to these awesome cities?!