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What is Bullying?

Bullying is when you are being mean or bothering someone just to be mean; tormenting or harassing

Bullying may be classified into 4 Categories:

1. Cyber bullying is when you spread rumors about a person on social media that are not true

2. Physical bullying is physically hurting someone

3. Social bullying is spreading rumors or leaving out a person from a group

4. Verbal bullying is when somebody uses bad language against another person


Below you will find an example of bullying.

Can you figure what type of Bullying this is?
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Example #1: If you chose both verbal and social bullying, You are correct.

Example #2: The video above displays physical bullying because the bully pulled the girls hair. It is also an example of Cyber Bullying because students are recording it for the purpose of posting it on social media.

Example #3: The students are about to post on social media. It has now become Cyber Bullying.


If you are being bullied,you should immediately tell a teacher or your parents what you are going through. You should also ignore the bully to make him/her feel powerless against you. Another thing that you could do is to just agree to anything that the bully says, that'll frustrate him and he'll go away. You could also stick up for yourself or call your friend to make a larger group against the bully.