The Downside of Tech Communication


Malware- Any Malicious Software

Such as:

Viruses- Copies itself; Needs contact to spread

Trojan Horses - Seems legit but allows access to someone else

Spyware - Secretly Obtains personal information

Malware Comes From Many Places

Malware in the form of viruses, Trojan horses and spyware can come from many different sources that are unsuspected. Be careful when browsing websites on the computer, when clicking certain links and adds in the sidebar of the computer and when navigating to an unknown site you have never been to before. Especially, be careful when downloading things onto your computer. You might think you're downloading an awesome and free program or game, but really be downloading a virus.

If your computer starts running unusually extremely slow or if a lot of unknown downloads are in your computer, I recommend scanning your computer for malware. You might just have a virus taking over your whole console!