São Paulo Samba Night

Samba School Rehearsal @ X9 Paulistana

Ziriguidum, reco-reco and tamborim!

The carnival takes place in February, but the Samba schools work all year long. In order to offer a champion display, the samba schools rehearse on weekends from July onwards. In blocks, the components sing and dance samba as a “teaser” for carnival. Joining the samba school rehearsal is a unique experience, an opportunity to feel the energy surrounding this magic event that touches the soul of Brazil.

Next Sunday Night


  • Transportatiom from you hostel and back;
  • Entrance Ticket;
  • A bilingual guide;
  • 1 Free Caipirinha

Come on soft clothes and tennis.

Ask @ the reception for more infos.

Se a única coisa que de o homem terá certeza é a morte; a única certeza do brasileiro é o carnaval no próximo ano.