Awesome Assessment Tools

Awesome Assessment Tools

There are several different tools for assessment/check for understanding purposes. Choosing a tool ultimately depends on what and how you want students to show you they know. This module will allow you to choose a few tools to explore and then create based on your own purpose and need. If there is a tool not mentioned here and you have wanted to spend time exploring it, please note that in the Padlet responses.

Part 1: Recap vs FlipGrid

A. What is Recap Video?

B. NEW: What is a recap Journey video and blog post link

C. After watching the short overview please review steps 1, 2 and 3 along the right side for more information on journeys.

Part 2: Recap Activity

A. Please go to this link to sign in (as student)

B. Join class with this Class PIN: gsuqkzf

C. Choose a "letter" for yourself and your responses. I will change labels to your name as you submit. This is the easiest way as I do not know who will be completing the activities.

C. You will "see" and be able to view the posted "journey" by clicking the IGNITE tab.

D. The Activity Tab has the recap video response assignment portion.

Part 3: FlipGrid

A. What is Flipgrid Video?

B. Review this post on Flipgrid

C. Flipgrid Overview video

FlipGrid Activity:

A. Please go to this Flipgrid assignment link

B. Please respond to both topics.

Reflection: Please post on our ICYMI Padlet any specific thoughts or ideas you have regarding Recap or FlipGrid in your classroom.


1. To sign up as a teacher in Recap use this link.

2. FlipGrid or Recap link

3. Please fill out this survey after completing your Assessment PD activities.

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