Football Champ

By: Tim Green

Book Origins

The publishing date for this book is 2009. The genre is realistic fiction. This is the genre because the events in this particular story could happen, but not likely. The author of this book is Tim Green who used to be a former NFL player. This picture on the right hand side is Tim Green who used to play for the Atlanta Falcons.

Plot Summary

This is story called Football Champ. The plot of this story is there is a kid named Troy who is a really good friend of Seth Halloway. Seth is a NFL star for the Atlanta Falcons. Troy has an unnatural ability that makes him be able to know what the offense is doing just by looking at the team. The Falcons are really good when Troy came along after they lost a lot at the start of the season. The only person in the way is a guy named Peele who is a newspaper reporter.

Peele is a jerk for so many reasons. Peele became obsessed with destroying Seth's career; Peele and Seth both went to the same college and both wanted to play football. Seth hit Peele so hard, Peele's helmet came of and made a big wound on Peele's lip that would ruin Peele's career. Peele decided to be a news reporter so he can write mean things and lie about Seth to rupture his career. The bad part is Troy was talking to Peele and Peele switched some words around so it looked like Troy and Seth cheated and did bad things. All in all, Troy helped Seth get his career back to normal.

Setting and How it Affects the Plot

The setting of the book is Atlanta, Georgia at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It takes places in October. The setting is important because Seth Halloway plays for the Atlanta Falcons. In Atlanta, Peele has to do a news report just to get close enough so he can ruin Seth and Troy. Also, Atlanta is where Seth got his medicines from a doctor, but Peele made it seem Seth was using Steroids. The October part affects the plot because October is where the teams are trying to get to the playoffs to win the Super Bowl. In this case, Seth is trying to get his team to the playoffs since they are doing so good in the regular season, but Peele almost ruins the Falcons chances to going to the playoffs.

Protagonist(s) and Antagonist(s)

In Football Champ, there is a lot of characters, but here is the protagonists and antagonist. The protagonists are Troy and Seth Halloway. I would say Troy is helpful. I can prove this because Troy he helped out Seth when he was in need of help. For example, in the book, Troy saved Seth's carrier because towards the end of the book, a bad guy named Peele wrote a lot of mean things about Seth, but Troy stopped Peele from getting Seth his career taken away and Peele was in big trouble. Another example is Troy helped get Seth and the Atlanta Falcons have a winning record. The last example for Troy is he helped Seth by sitting in the box and telling Seth the plays. The other protagonist is Seth. I would say Seth is kind. I can prove this because Seth helped out Troy. For example, Seth made the Duluth Tigers into a winning football team on his own time. Another example is Seth was willing to let Troy help the Falcons. Finally, the last example is Seth helps the poor and helps the needy.

The antagonist is Peele. I would say Peele is mean. I can prove this because he wanted revenge on Seth. For example, Peele ruined Seth's career because in college, Seth hit Peele so hard at football practice, Peele's helmet came off and ended Peele's career with a bad cut on his lip. Another example is Peele told the press that Seth used Steroids when Seth used medicine. Finally, when Troy spoke to Peele about something, Peele switched the words around and made it seem that Troy spoke bad about Seth.

Point of View

The point of view is told from the eyes of no one because we do not know who it is. This is important because we know the thoughts of every character in the story. Also, if it was told from Troy or Seth, the story would be a lot different and there would be a lot of thoughts in the story about getting revenge or winning the State Championship. If it was told from the eyes of the antagonist, the story would be about Peele getting revenge on Seth and Peele thinking about how to get revenge on Seth and Troy.


There are many problems in the book Football Champ, but I am going to name the important ones. An important conflict is when Peele wrote about Seth. Peele is a reporter that became a reporter just so he can ruin Seth for ruining his football career. Peele found out information about Seth that he was using Steroids, but Seth only uses medicine. Peele wrote that Seth uses Steroids and Seth was being hated for it. The Commissioner of NFL wasn't to happy. Also, Peele wrote that the Falcons were cheating because Troy knew what the plays were on the other team, but Troy was given a gift as a baby. Peele brought Troy into this, costing his mom her job, almost losing it.

The next conflict is when Seth was kicked from the Duluth Tigers. The stuff Peele wrote about Seth made it so he couldn't coach the Duluth Tigers in the Championship game. There had to be a vote on who would be the coach, and Seth got the vote, even though the other coach who wanted to be coach was the person who was helping Peele.


The theme of Football Champ is good eventually prevails evil. This fits with the story because there is a good side(Troy and Seth) who is trying to stop the evil(Peele) who wrote bad about the good side. The good side gets revenge towards the end of the book by telling the people of the world that Seth is innocent, but they say that the bad side framed them. This means that good eventually prevails evil.