Scientific name: Lavandula.

Family: Lamiaceae.

Other names: English lavender, lavandin, lavandula dentata.

Lavender comes from the Mediterranean region and is part of the mint family.

Medical Uses

Lavender is commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and in aromatherapy which the oils from the flower are inhaled.

However, these uses are not proven and the studies that have been done have mixed results. Lavender mixed with other herbs can help with alopecia areata which is a hair condition. Lavender has vitamin A which is excellent for eyesight.

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Historically lavender was used as a part of the mummification process, and was put in baths to give scent in Greece, Rome, and Persia. The name lavender comes from the Latin word lavare, which means to wash. Lavender was also used as an antiseptic.
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Other Uses Of Lavender

Currently lavender is being used in many products from companies like DoTerra (essential oils), as a scented oil or mixed with other oils for a variety of different ailments. Essential oils are obtained by the flowers of the lavender plant.

Lavender is also used as food flavoring, in items like vinegar, jam and tea.

Lavender flowers give off a strong scent which can be used for potpourri.


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