Top beaches in Tamil Nadu

Top beaches to explore in Tamil Nadu, India

Situated on the coasts of Bay of Bengal, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is home to several beaches that are loved by travelers. A good number of travelers visiting the state for business or leisure never forget to head to these beaches to escape hustle bustle of the city. Here we give a lowdown on top beaches in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.

Marina Beach
One of the premier beaches in India Marina beach is considered the second longest in the world and first in Asia. This 12-km long beach is situated on the eastern side of the city. Golden sand, good surf and azure waters make this beach a popular place for evening hangout in the city. The beach is also renowned for its spectacular sunrise and sunset. Every evening thousands of revelers come to the beach, sit idle in the sand and fondle with surf. The beaches are patrolled by local police making it safe for family vacationers.

Elliot Beach
Another beach from Chennai Elliot Beach is famous for its tranquil space. Situated in the heart of the city in Beasant Nagar the beach offers a romantic escape from the busy life of the city. The beach is frequented by couple and joggers given its tranquil setting. Elliot Beach is particularly popular for its sunrise.

Covelong Beach
Situated at a short drive from the city of Chennai Covelong Beach with its tranquil setting is great escape from the maddening crowed of the city. Not only foreigners but people from Chennai looking for a tranquil escape also head to this beach. The beach with tranquil waters and lovely setting is also home to some resorts that offers a relaxing holiday far from the hustle bustle of the city.

Situated at a distance of 58 km from Chennai, Mamallapuram is one of the largest beaches in Tamil Nadu. During the rule of Pallava, the beach was used as a port. Various remains of that rule are present in the form of rock cut historical and cultural monuments spread near the beach. There are some stone temples that deliberates on impressive past the city once enjoyed. The beach makes a perfect weekend getaway for travelers visiting Chennai.

Situated at the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari, previously called as Cape Comorin is a destination every traveler would love to visit at least once. The town is home to many lovely beaches and monuments that imparts it a beautiful setting. Watching the sun setting from the beach of Kanyakumari is an experience you will remember forever.

You will find an air of mysticism once you visit Poompuhar that symbolizes art and culture of Tamil Nadu. There is a good number of beaches where travelers can fondle with waves or just sit idle on the sand. The beaches of the city with an spiritual environment gives good environment for introspection.

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