Math Remediation

Winter 2020

Does your child (grades K-12) experience difficulties with math learning?

Perhaps there are concepts that are troublesome for your child to grasp, or some they didn’t master when first presented in school. Perhaps they need additional practice with math facts, an extended time to learn, or a new way of thinking about solving math problems. The clinicians at the Education and Counseling Center are here to help.

Details on Program

What: 50-minute math instructional sessions (six instructional sessions plus getting-to-know-you session)

When: January 28th (6 sessions with a make-up session on March 10th)

Time: Tuesdays, 5:30 – 6:20

Where: Education and Counseling Center at DePaul University (2247 N. Halsted)

How: To qualify for math instructional sessions your child must attend a pre-screening session (of 30 minutes in length) by Sept. 9. In conclusion of the screening, you will be notified whether services are appropriate for your child based on their areas of need.

If your child is eligible for math services, the first session, January 21st, will include an initial parent conference to learn more about your child's math needs, informal assessments with your child, and ice breaker activities between your child and their clinician. This will be followed by 6 instructional sessions of 50 minutes each in which your child learns new techniques for understanding tricky concepts. Instruction will be tailored to your child's foundational areas of need based on initial screening results and informal sessions.

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