Effective Google Searching

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Deciding on a website!

Its important to be careful on what website you chose. You should look at many websites so you can prove the information valid or faulty and see if theres a author or organization clearly stated on the website. Attention to the end of the website to see if its credible for example if it says .edu,.gov, or .org than it is credible. When you are on a website check when it was last updated so you know if the information is new or old.

How to Make Search Easier

  • for effective search use 6-8 words
  • don't use words like ; and, is, a, to, ect.
  • you can use the "+" symbol it makes the search add something
  • if you use the "-" symbol it makes google subtract anything you don't want
  • use the "|" symbol for the word or
  • use the key terms in order

How to site a website

Author's last name, First name "website Article".

Website name. Website date. Date retrieved from internet.