January 21, 2019


Top 10 by 2020

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Student Climate
  3. Adult Culture

Together we can achieve anything.

Shoutouts & Celebrations

thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

  • Sandy Weitgenant: Thanks for sharing the Mexican Spiced Chocolates with my class. So fun!
  • Jerry Wold: Had an epic the "Welcome to Monday" cleanup situation in Aisle 1. Way to go!
  • Ryan Wood: Mr. Wood ran a "Shark Tank" theme for his final in Intro to Business. A cool culminating final project!
  • Courtney Hawkins: Awesome final! Kids presented on a country and made food accordingly. Food was GREEEEEEEEAT!
  • Tovah Carson: Shared some awesome resources that were incredibly helpful!
  • Jen Staidl: She is understanding when I need to adjust my schedule and will work with me to ensure the students are receiving what they need!
  • Bill Emery: Sharing your personal experience with mitochondrial disease with our Biology classes.
  • Carolyn Lent (3 recognitions): Organized and Decorated for Wenzel's baby shower. Organized and set up an awesome baby shower for Wenzel. Did a great job recognizing the newest member of our SCC family! Blythe!
  • Jerry Wold: What does he do? Everything! When did he do it? Every day!
  • Sandy Weitgenant & Jeanette Turbeville: Thank you for all your hard work during finals and every day!
  • Tammy Simonson: For providing my students with breakfast after the cafeteria is closed. You rock!!
  • Courtney Hawkins & Panther Catering: for the delicious food at Thursday night's Middle School Forensics Tournament!
  • Cami Stansbury: Thanks for putting together a book order to help our students maximize their learning.
  • Special Ed. Department: Working hard with students to finish finals and late work.
  • Custodial & Housekeeping: Thank you to everyone who keeps our classrooms and overall building in such great shape!
  • Cami Stansbury: Made a sickness concoction for an under-the-weather coworker... twice... after a mishap :)
  • All Teachers: Always willing to cover teachers' classes when they're out for the day
  • Ryan Wood: Inviting "SHARKS" to the Shark Tank presentations. It was a fun and interesting experience to see what is happening in other classes!
  • Milinda Gafford: Every day she can be seen caring for her students with great love and care. You are amazing!
  • Tracy Klein & Jeff Fern: Their tireless work of helping others (students and adults). Juggling 1,000 different situations with grace and professionalism.
  • Matt Langman: Received a grant for $1,800 to purchase a timing system.
  • Dani Wollberg, Jess Wolf, Mitch Klimek, & Logan Kimberly: Thank you for letting me use your rooms during finals!!
  • Sue Chelstrom, Tom Martin, Milinda Gafford, and Beth Ombati: They all helped cover for me while out sick. A day when we still had finals no less! Thank you much!
  • Tracey Klein, Chris Buckel, Jessica Wolf: Helped the PIT Crew and Student Senate plan a really fun Semi-Formal dance!!
  • The Schedule Steering Committee: For taking time out of their busy schedules to have meaningful discussions about how we can make our schedule better for students and staff.

You all ROCK!


Schedule for the Week

Morning Greeters This Week: Social Studies

Monday, January 21 - PD Day

Lots of time to work together!! Agenda Link

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Drama Banquet

Tuesday, January 22 - Morning Meeting Schedule

7:30 am - 8:00 am - BLT Meeting

8:05 am - 8:15 am - Morning Meeting: ACT Prep / WIN Time Information

Wednesday, January 23 - Morning Meeting Schedule

7:30 am - 8:15 am - PLC Meeting Time

3:00 pm - 3:25 pm - Pit Crew Meeting

WIN PLC TIME: Math & Science (ACT Intervention Prep)

Thursday, January 24

7:30 am - 3:00 pm - Visit Osceola HS - Trimester Schedule

Friday, January 25

7:30 am - 8:00 am - PBIS Meeting

8:15 am - 10:45 am - HSLT Meeting

10:45 am - 1:45 pm - SOS

WIN PLC TIME: ELA & Social Studies (ACT Intervention Prep)

ACT Prep Plan

Click on this link. If you have questions, please talk to your BLT leader or Jeff, Tracy, Jason or Kurt.