By: Andrew Then

Type of Dance

Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic.The type of dance is named after its type of music.


Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic

How was it made

it came from popular guitar music from the Dominican Republic. Bachata took shape over about forty years in Santo Domingo, not gaining acceptance in its native land until about ten years ago.

Meaning of Bachata

The word “Bachata” means “party” or “social meeting”.

Some artist that do Bachata

Anthony Santos, Joe Veras, Luis Vargas, Prince Royce, and Juan Luis Guerra

It's still the same

Many people try to call bachata “neobachata”, but it's not new. The artists of bachata may have changed their manners, but the essence of the popular music it still exists.

Instruments used

The typical bachata group consists of five instruments, lead guitar,rhythm guitar, electric bass guitar, bongos, and guira.

Who's The King of Bachata.

Romeo Santos (thats what they say not my words :D)

First Bachata Hit

The very first bachata hit came by the artist Juan Luis Guerra, who recorded his classical hit “Bachata Rosa”