The Challenger Dispatch

Dec. 7-11, 2015 Pink Week

Making a List and Checking it Twice

As we count down the days, and you check the items off the list for the grocery store, the Walmart, the errands, please take a minute to make a list of all the ways you have made a positive difference in the lives of others. Think of the smiles you've brought, the "light bulbs" that you have seen going off, the curiosity peaked, the hugs you given, the encouraging and strong words you spoken to rise another. Make that list, put it in a little box and wrap it up. You'll know when it's time to open it.

Thank you for all the positive difference you make in lives EVERY day.

District Observations

EVERYONE ( as in not just first 3 year people) may find district personnel doing observations in your room in the upcoming months. They are using a form for observations from the RtI Handbook which I will attach. New teachers also have a copy of this form.

Math Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 2:45pm

Media Center

Bring Laptops and a mathematical mind.

SchoolNet Testing

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 12am

13555 Chaney Thompson Road Southeast

Huntsville, AL

Thursday, December 10th

8:15 3rd Grade ELA Thomas

9:15 3rd Grade ELA Thomas

8:30 4th Grade ELA (give subject area to partner classes)

9:00 Kinder ELA Ruffin-upstairs/McCord-downstairs

9:30 Kinder ELA Smith-upstairs/Walton-downstairs

11:45 1st Grade ELA Depew

12:20 1st Grade Gray

1:00 1st Grade Lang

Friday, December 11th

8:05 3rd Grade ELA Nunez/Swain/Legg (each test their one class)

8:30 4th Grade Math Brown/Stark

8:30 3rd Grade Math Swain

9:15 3rd Grade Math Swain

10:00 3rd Grade Math Swain

9:00 Kinder Math Ruffin-upstairs/McCord-downstairs

9:30 Kinder Math Smith-upstairs/Walton-downstairs

11:45 1st Grade Math Depew

12:20 1st Grade Math Gray

1:00 1st Grade Math Lang

Monday, December 14th

8:30 5th Grade ELA Hall/Sisco

8:30 2nd Grade ELA Fields/Stegen

12:30 2nd Grade ELA Fields/Stegen

8:30 3rd Grade Math Thornton

11:30 3rd Grade Math Thornton

8:30 3rd Grade Math Swain

9:15 3rd Grade Math Swain

10:00 3rd Grade Math Swain

Tuesday, December 15th

8:30 2nd Grade Math Patterson/Knight

1:15 2nd Grade Math Patterson/Knight

8:15 5th Grade Math Wallace/Smith

Wednesday, December 16th

Make-Up Day

Clubs Next Week

Please remember Clubs are next Friday. BLT determined that our club time would be 8:30 - 10:00. Classroom parties should be in the afternoon. Please let Danna & Ann know what time you are celebrating so we can prepare for parent visitors.
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DST Tidbits (Discipline, Safety, Technology)


As discipline issues arise in your classroom, be sure to properly document and as necessary communicate the incidents to both administrators. Email communication is fine but only use student initials. Be sure to effectively communicate with parents, also. If a student is identified as IDEA, communication should also be maintained with the responsible collaborative teacher (TOR). According to the specified behavior, it might be necessary to put a behavior plan in place or be sure the current plan is being implemented.


Just a little something to keep us thinking about feedback and formative assessment

Have a great week!!


Challenger Family Holiday Dinner

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 5pm

3045 Mountain Cove Boulevard Southeast

Owens Cross Roads, AL

Secret Santa's are revealed! Come, enjoy, and be Merry!
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Heads UP for PBL Meeting Next Week

Next Wednesday, our PD will be on PBL. We will be using the Critical Friends Feedback protocol that we used last year to provide another team with specific feedback on a recent PBL unit they have completed or are currently teaching. Teams - please prepare to present your units to another team. Please also DO NOT present a PLTW unit. Please present a unit that the team has created. More info to come.