Luck Changes

By: Emily Howse

202 pages

First Person

Olivia Hughes is a thirteen-year old girl in California who wants to be an actress. She has a best friend, Jenna Mahoney, and she has a boyfriend, J.W. She even landed a national campaign, but her luck runs out. She gets a few pimples which turn into a case of acne that ruin her self-image, relationships, and career. She goes from being the girl everyone wants to be to the girl who is fired, bullied, and dumped. Does her life get better or does she continue to hide behind others?

Don't Judge A Book by its Cover

The theme don't judge a book by its cover relates to the story, because everyone judges Olivia based on how she looks with pimples even though she didn't change who she was on the inside. This theme doesn't connect to me personally but I know it happens. Every year there is always a person who people treat rudely because of how they look. Also, they treat them differently because of who their friends are. That person loses friends, and nobody stands up for them. Everyone is afraid they will be made fun of. It's like what happened to Olivia. She lost friends because people would make fun of her friends too. At the end of the book her friends stand up for her. f people would do that in real life, the problem would never occur.
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Acting Auditions

This picture represents an audition. Olivia had a huge audition for a national campaign, and that affected her life. At first it made everyone like her, but because of her zits she lost the campaign. People made fun of her after she lost the campaign.
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Acting Agents

This picture represents Olivia's agent, Eleanor. Because Eleanor was demanding, Olivia had to go through harsh treatments for her pimples, so she wouldn't lose her campaign. Eleanor caused Olivia to have a lot of stress which made her feel like her world was ending.