Fight Song Service Project

Andrew Nelson

Homeless Care Package

I did the homeless care package as my fight song service project this school year. I liked this project cause it was fun, easy and it helped out other people in need. What we did is got just basic needs like food and other supplies and if we see a homeless person, we give it to them. All the things that were in it were, Deoderant, Caned Food, Dry Food (like chips), Wipes, and a lot more items. So what I did was put was put the dry food in the bag and then zip them up. We did a assembly line so everyone had a section and put their things into a bag. And we were at the back of it, we were the second to last ones and after we were done we gave it to the spoons table, which was the last step. Then after we were all done we took one home and then Mrs. Melson took the rest to give to homeless people. And our job was to keep it in our car so if we saw a homeless person we would give it to them.That is what we did and how I helped out with this project. And I cant wait until the next time I get to help people out.

Helping Other People?

I love to help other people! Even though I dont do it a lot, I do it when ever I can or when its avaliable. We have other activities like Church, Sports activities, and other stuff like family dinners or lunches. But I love to serve, because it makes a spark inside of me, like I am helping the word in a positive way. And I love that feeling, just knowing that you helped someone out! Serving is also fun sometimes, cause maybe your friend is there or the charity or whatever it is, will make a game out of it. I love helping my community in every way possible. And if you ever want me to help out, I am ready to make this world a better place!

Red Cross Foundation

The Red Cross Foundation is a non-profiting organization that I really like. They are a foundation that does not gain profit or money but they just help out other people. At the Red Cross you can donate blood, and they also help people in need with every medical problem. They also are around here in North Texas. That is why I like the Red Cross Foundation.