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COVID-19 Dismissal 5/4/20

Mustang Message


This week we are looking forward to our student belongings pick-up and parade! For specific information, please see the guidelines below.

Next year, a few spots on our school's School Community Council are available. The purpose of this council is to review and enhance our School Improvement Plan by setting goals and allocating Trustland funds to meet those goals. If several parents express interest, an election will be held. Please e-mail me if you have an interest in participating on this council.

If you know for certain that your student will not be returning to Meadow Brook in the fall, please let the office know as soon as possible or let me know via email. This will help us as we balance classes for next year. If you have information that you would like to share with us in regards to the class placement of your child for next year, we will have a form available for you next week.

Remember that we are here for you! We are very grateful for our association with each of you and hope for the best for you and your family!

Best wishes!

Principal Balli

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 4th-Thursday, May 7th: Student Belongings Pick-Up

Wednesday, May 6th: Parade at 1:00 pm

Monday, May 11th-15th: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 22nd: Last Day of School/Chromebook Drop-Off, Library Book Returns & Yearbook Pick-Up Day


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Wednesday, May 6th

We are excited about having the opportunity to connect with all of you through a parade. To comply with social distancing guidelines, we have been asked to keep one employee per car. To keep our city safe, Springville's law enforcement has asked us to keep our chain of cars to 8-10. In order to comply with these two guidelines, we are going to have to stagger our parade.

These Meadow Brook teams will be leaving the school and following the parade route (shown above) at these times:


1:05—Preschool & Kinder

1:10—ACC Classroom

1:15—1st Grade

1:20—2nd grade

1:25—3rd Grade

1:30—4th grade

1:35—5th grade

1:40—6th grade

1:45—SPED & Planning Time

We would ask that your students please stay on your porch or grass and not come out to the parade route UNLESS the parade route does not go directly by your house. In order to allow chains of cars to stay together, we could not create a map that goes down every cul-de-sac or street. If you happen to live in an area that we are not passing by, you are welcome to meet us somewhere along the parade route. Please, please help us keep social distancing guidelines.

We would love to see our Mustangs show their school pride by wearing their Meadow Brook t-shirts.

Teacher Appreciation Week May 11-15th

A message from our PTA President

Teacher Appreciation Week will be May 11th- 15th. Although we have been away from our teachers for a long time we still want to show our teachers how much we love and appreciate them. They work hard every year and have worked extra hard to help our kids through distant learning. We have come up with some ideas of ways show our teachers how much we appreciate their hard work.

Thank you, Mrs. Kelli Oswald

Student Belongings Pick-Up

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Student Belongings Pick-Up Schedule

Next week, we would like to pass out all student belongings left in the school. Our goal in doing this is three fold:

1. Allow teachers and students to connect for a few minutes.

2. Be as accommodating as possible to everyones schedules.

3. Continue to follow physical distancing guidelines.

In order to meet these objectives, our schedule might look complex. However, teachers are anxious to see their students and so we think the crazy pick-up schedule is worth it. We do have a few teachers who due to health concerns will NOT be able to participate; I hope you will be understanding of this. You will find that these teachers are NOT listed on the following schedule.

Teachers will be handing student belongings right through the window. We hope that by staggering pick-up times, the teachers will keep shorter lines and have a few minutes to talk with your student. However, we would ask that students stay in their cars so as to insure we follow physical distancing guidelines.

We recognize that many of you have several students and might not be able/or want to come several different times to pick up your students. We absolutely understand that! As a result, we have created an additional pick-up day on Thursday from 9-3. Teachers will not be handing things out on Thursday, but ANY student can come at any time. Students whose teachers are unable to come to the pick-up, will be asked to come during this time.

If none of these times work for you, you can come into the office Monday-Friday any time from 8-3 AFTER Thursday, May 7th.

You will notice on the map a Lost-and-Found Drive by. Any items not collected next week, will be donated.

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