Jewell Jaguar Update

May 2, 2016

It's Screen-Free Week! May 2nd through May 6th

On May 2-8, children, families, and communities around the world will rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen. Unplug from digital entertainment and spend your free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends.
* except for work and school assignments

Activities we have planned are as follows:

Monday: Walk Pilot Butte with optional picnic afterward. Meet at the base at 5:30PM

Tuesday: Boardgames with Modern Board Shop. Meet in the Media Center from 5:30-7PM

Wednesday: Art at home night!

Thursday: Dance night with Jenni Trumpa. Meet in the gym from 5:30-6:30 for dancing.

Friday: Read at home night.

Congratulations Mr. Marks!!

Jewell Vice Principal, Mr. Marks, was recently chosen to be one of the new Assistant Directors for Special Programs and will be working out of the district office starting July 1st. We are happy for him but sad for our school. Mr. Marks has been the Vice Principal at Jewell for the past two school years, and before that was Student Services Director at Three Rivers Elementary/Middle School.

The new Vice Principal for Jewell will be selected later this month and they will start July 1st as well.

D. Scott Edmondson, Principal

Save the Date for our Annual Art Fair/BBQ, Book Fair and Title 1 Parent Night

Please join us on the evening of Thursday, June 2nd for our annual Art Fair, BBQ, Scholastic Book Fair and Title 1 Parent Night. There will be lots to see. Watch for more details.

Jewell Jaguar Decals For Sale

We are selling Jewell Jaguar decals for $3 to help raise money for our 5th Grade Outdoor School Scholarship Fund. They are 4"x4" with a clear background, yellow jaguar and blue lettering. They will be available in the lobby before school on Monday and Tuesday, 5/2 and 5/3 and will be available in the main office after that. They are perfect for car windows and ipad covers!

Reminder About Jewell Student Pick-Up Procedures

We would like to remind parents who pick up children in our front parking lot about the pick-up procedures we use at Jewell:
  1. You may park in the first two rows next to the fire lane only if you remain in your vehicle. If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in the lot.
  2. No triple parking will be permitted. It creates a dangerous situation for students and blocks the flow of traffic.
  3. Do not stop your vehicle in the through lane. To load your child, your car must be parked in one of the first two rows. If there is not room to park, please circle around again.
  4. Students must stay on the curb while waiting for parents. Everyone needing to cross to the other side of the parking lot must use crosswalks.
  5. Students are not allowed to play on the lawn area after school.
  6. Please load your child quickly after school and leave the loading area as soon as possible. This will help the flow of traffic. If you need to visit with someone, please park in the lot.
  7. During the day, always park in the lot and not in the fire lane. This is a fire code issue, and in an emergency, fire vehicles must have direct access to our school.

If you pick up your child after school and come into the building to meet them, please wait for them in the main lobby. This will help us decrease disruption to classrooms at the end of the day.

The parking lot on the east side of our school is for buses only. Student pickup is not allowed in this area. If you wish to pick up your child on the east side of our school, please have students meet you in the church parking lot on Button Brush Drive. There is a crosswalk, by the big toy, where students can safely cross our bus area to the sidewalk leading to the church. This is not an official pick-up area, and is not supervised by Jewell staff. We encourage you to pick up children in our front parking lot.

We appreciate your help using these procedures. We must do everything possible to make sure our children are safe during this busy and congested time.

Thinking Ahead to Next Year

If your student will remain at Jewell for next year, there is nothing you need to do. He or she will automatically be enrolled for the Fall and placed in a classroom. If your plans do not include Jewell for the Fall, please let your child's teacher or the front office know.

While we do not accept specific teacher requests, we would welcome any information you would like us to know about your student when considering placement. A Parent Input Form is available at the front office or you can email any information to

Help Wanted!

Did you know that Jewell Elementary is building an outdoor learning landscape? Outdoor education is an important part of early childhood development. Everyone likes to get their hands dirty! We are looking for volunteers to help create this space. Mr. Grenier has obtained grants to get us started. Last year the district pulled out the plants in the garden area and Mr. Grenier has started planting native plants. He also added a bird feeder to attract birds with the hopes we may one day have a nest to watch over. We will teach students about native plants, animals, birds, and insects. However, we would like to keep out our ground squirrel population.

We need help creating a fence and gate around this area to protect our plants. The area we are working on is outside Mr. Grenier’s classroom on the east side of the building. The fence will be approximately 16’ x 12’ and 3’ tall. If you could volunteer your time, supplies, or expertise we would greatly appreciate it. Please contact the main office, Mr. Grenier or Mrs. Jura.

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