Going once.. Going Twice.. Gone!!

Trial: Get Away Anywhere auctions off €100 Flight Voucher!

Free Trial - Friday the 14th of November @ 3PM

You are invited to Get Away Anywhere's first auction for a Travel Voucher with KLM worth 100 Euros where all bids will be complimentary!
Over the past months, we have been busy developing a new travel auction platform which we expect to launch in the forthcoming month in the UK.

In order to capture the user experience in the most realistic way possible, we have decided that a prize is in order! So, you will be competing against your peers in a fun environment in MM31 at no cost at all to you and the most astute player will walk away with a prize redeemable at any time!

In addition, we will devote some time at the end for you to ask us any questions on our journey to date, how to develop a minimum viable product, venture lab, and anything else which we can hopefully help you with.

Due to room capacity, places are limited, so sign-ups will be on first come first served basis.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line - david.eaton@student.ie.edu or visit our page at www.getawayanywhere.com

How it Works?

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