Lead Team Update

September 7, 2018

Office of School Leadership: Deputy Superintendent of School Leadership, Connie Isabell

This year we are doing something a little different with our Principal Goals to be posted in the hallway here at the administration building! Be prepared to take a picture this Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at the Lead Team Meeting that depicts your personality, your goal for your campus this year, or any other representation that suits you. Attached below you will see an example of our desired outcome, and a playful example that Ms. Hicks made for herself. Feel free to bring props and express yourself.

Office of School Leadership: Deputy Superintendent of School Leadership, Connie Isabell

A friendly reminder that September is attendance awareness month! Lets make sure we as campus leaders are using fun incentives and keeping parents informed about attendance.

Office of School Leadership: Executive Directors of Elementary & Secondary Dr. Mosely & Dr. Berry

The wait is over Principals! Your beginning of the year Goal Setting meetings will be scheduled September 23-29, 2018. Stay tuned for more information on this process, and documents needed.

From the Operations Office: Executive Director of Operations, Randy Reaves

To Principals:

Beginning Monday, Sept. 10 there will be adjustments made to the AC run times. All campus AC will now begin an hour to an hour and half later than it was previously scheduled.


Principals –

Attached please find the following:

1. A copy of the 2018-19 Leaver Guidebook for your PEIMS personnel and yourself.

2. A FAQ for you and your PEIMS personnel about the Leaver Process.

3. A Leaver Final Verification instructions that will assist with final step in the leaver process of re-verifying that all leavers are captured and coded appropriately in Skyward.

4. A copy of the 2018 Leavers (2018 due to the year they left our district)

a. This is broken down by campus (tabbed along the bottom)

Below are some important dates to keep in mind as we go through this process.

· Sept 4th – Training for your PEIMS personnel was conducted at Admin. (If you were not able to attend or have someone attend, your PEIMS personnel are always welcome to come to the PEIMS department for individual assistance. Also, it provides a quiet place for them to work. Please contact Jenny Whitten 817-297-5800 x1108)

· Sept 7th - You and your PEIMS personnel will be receiving their “Leaver List” from the PEIMS department this week. Look for an email from Jenny Whitten.

· Sept 28th - The last Friday in September is the end of the “School Start Window” . All 98’s, No Shows, and MOV’s must be cleaned up and coded properly according the Leaver Guide attached.

· October 26th – The last Friday in October is the “Snapshot” date. All students that are on your rosters and enrolled in your campus at this time will count towards your accountability. Please make sure they are coded correctly. This date also represents what the district is funded by TEA.

All these documents can be found in the CISD – Administrative Documents folder on SharePoint as well.

Happy no show hunting!!!

Save the Dates

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