Dont look, Dont pick, your perfect!

About her disorder

Troian Bellisario

She is an actor on the show Pretty Little Liars and she has been struggling with anorexia for a while since she was born she always felt the need to be perfect because of her parents wanting her to be right all the time basically being perfect but she's still dealing with it now she said in the article or website.

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Where I got my information

About Anorexia

Anorexia is when someone is very insecure about their body and stops eating and exercises a lot to lose lots of weight. That can be very dangerous because if that person hits a certain limit of how much weight they lost then they can end up in the hospital or they could die.

- people who have anorexia are very scared of their weight

-Exercises a lot

- Also very scared of what their body looks like

- They eat very little

- They diet or they fast

- Some might binge then purge

Some might act out on their friends because of their friends opinion about how they look and not wont to hang out with those friends.

You can get help at if you need to talk to someone about your problem or if your thinking of purging call

1-800-931-2237 .