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Week Of October 17th

Highlights From Last Week....

This week we were learning machines!

In Reader's Workshop, we reviewed what we have learned so far: looking at the picture while we read, building stamina, trading out books, practicing turning and talking.

In Writer's Workshop, we learned how adding details to a picture makes it easier to read. We added details to our existing stories and read them out loud to the class.

In Math, we worked on decomposing numbers with totals of 4 and 5. We wrote numerals 1-5 in order. We worked with numbers 6-8. We learned how to write the numbers and use the numeral to represent a quantity.

In Phonics, we practiced letter sounds and learned the sight words "the" and "up", please practice these words at home. Our letters of the week were "C" and "O".

In Social Studies, we worked on maps, globes and communities. We learned how to make a map of our room. We also focused on Fire Safety.

A peek at our learning this week...

This week will be a short but busy week of learning!

In Reader's Workshop, we are ready for the next step, looking at the picture AND the first letter of the word to see if it makes sense! We have also been reading for 7 minutes. We will continue to practice our other strategies as well: looking at the picture while we read, building stamina, trading out books, practicing turning and talking.

In Writer's Workshop, we will learn how to add labels to our drawings.

In Math, we will work on decomposing numbers with totals up to 9. We will write numerals 1-9 in order. We will learn how to write the numbers and use the numeral to represent a quantity.

In Phonics, we will be practicing letter sounds and learning the sight words "have" and "my" please practice these words at home. Our letters of the week will be "G" and "A".

In Science, we will be learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin. We will have a pumpkin in our free choice center so that the kids can see what one looks and feels like!

In social studies, we will continue our unit on community and focus on different workers in our community.

More information...

Read logs:

Great job working reading with your child!


We are now just eating one snack per day, so there is no need to pack two snacks! Thank you!


Our classroom is filling up with clothes that have no home! Please LABEL EVERYTHING!! If your child is missing sweatshirts or lunch boxes, please let me know.

Notes from Mrs. Maillet

Thank you to Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Lisa (Autumn's grandmother) for volunteering in our classroom, we appreciate your help!

Aubrey was awarded student of the month for her helpfulness in the classroom. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

I will be sending home the book order Monday and placing the order on October 21st. Please send them in by this Friday. Thank you for your support!

Have your child wear orange on Wednesday, October 19th, to support our awareness of anti bullying.

Notes from Mrs. Goldthwaite

We welcomed a new student this week. Thomas Duptula. He is very excited to be learning with us.

This week Miss Truehart, (intern student from Athol High school) did a lesson with us. She did a read aloud. "Big Pumpkin" after reading it they were able to practice retelling with props .

I will be placing our scholastic book order on Wednesday. Just giving you a few more days.

Nicholas White got student of the month for September. In a couple of weeks we will see who gets it for October. We are looking for acts of kindness.

On Wednesday, October 19 th, join us in wearing Orange for awareness of no


Thanks for the supplies: this week we are looking for art supplies beads, buttons, little cut outs, fabric and ribbon. Klorox wipes

We have had some sickness in our room. Be sure that your child is getting the rest he or she needs to stay healthy. Keep on reading!

Notes from Mrs. Melanson

Thanks for continuing to read with your children! They are excited about reading and are developing a love for it. We have been discussing what kind of books we like to read. In writers workshop we are becoming great storytellers and are becoming confident sharing our stories with each other.

September's helpful awards went to Joseph and Bronwyn. Congratulations and a big thank you to them both!!

Scholastic book orders are due by the end of the week.

Thank you for all the donations! we are going through clorox wipes quickly as we have had some illness in our classroom and have been disinfecting several times a day! We are hoping to keep illness from spreading in the classroom.

Just a reminder: label clothing and personal items. Many students have the same or similar things and they can easily be mixed up.

Click on the link for photos of the class:

Notes from Mrs. Potter/Mrs. Walsh

Your children are so amazing, they are learning so much every day. Ask them about their sight words, this seems to be their favorite part of the day! They can put their sight words into sentences, this is truely amazing!!!

Please remember to check and return red folders every day. Important papers went home last week.

Book orders will be placed at the end of this week.

Please dress children appropriately for the weather, layers are best this time of year.

September's Helpful Student Award went to Autumn! Super job being helpful to your friends and teachers Autumn.

P.S. Clorox wipes and tissues are always needed

Notes From Mrs. Chadwick/Miss Bickford

The kids LOVED choosing books for their book bags and using their eagle eye to use the pictures to read the story. They are so excited when they spot sight words inside their books. Keep practicing these (the, up, like, go, can, see, I) at home.

They also enjoyed talking about fire safety -- stop, drop & roll in particular. We also drew mapS of our route from our classroom to our meeting spot in the event of a fire at school.

We discussed how illustrators show action in books and practiced showing action in our drawings ourselves. It was a huge success.

Students are also making great strides with both their number and letter formation, so keep up the good work with the extra practice at home!

Emma and Logan received their Student of the Month awards for being helpful in the month of September. Way to go!

Book orders: Please start sending in your book orders if you plan to purchase any books for the month of October.

Mystery bag: Keep an eye out for the mystery bag in your child's backpack in upcoming days/weeks. Alphabetically, the mystery bag will make it home with each child for a night for them to fill with a mystery item of their choice. Please help them write three clues to help the class figure out what's hiding inside!

Donations: Thanks SO much for the donations I have received of tissues and Clorox wipes!! We will definitely be using them!