By:Bethany Mckenzie

Name of region

Welcome to the island of Callicity. The name comes from the beauty of the island and the beauty of its founder.

Relative Location on Current Map

Callicity is in Jamaica. Callicity is a large city state on the island of Jamaica.

Time Period of Study

Callicity was founded by the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite in 1801 . Today the city stills stands proud and in honor of being founded by a goddess.

Job And Responsibilities

  • Men

  1. Men own businesses that sell different products such as wood,bricks,cement etc.
  2. Men also have to take care of their households by working and bringing home the money and protecting them from harm.
  3. Men are responsible to take care of their wives and children.
  4. Men are responsible for taking care of purchasing the groceries for the household along with their sons who help.

  • Boys

  1. Boys of Callicity are taught to obey their parents
  2. They also learn how to become soldiers and how to fight in the army
  3. The boys also go to school and are expected to have a trade when they are done with school such as brick builder, construction worker, architect etc.
  4. They help their fathers with the groceries. They do this by going to the market with their fathers to purchase the household supplies.

  • Women

  1. Women of Callicity work in the house if they have finished school.
  2. Women are not expected to finish school because they get married at very young ages and then become housewives.
  3. Take care of the family when the fathers are away.
  4. They get all of the clothes that the family needs ( GO SHOPPING )
  5. They wash,cook and clean for the family.

  • Girls

  1. girls of Callicity help their mothers around the house.
  2. Girls are promised to men at a young age and then when they are of age to marry they marry those men. Majority of the men are usually the same age or a little bit older than the girls.
  3. Girls go to school also but are not expected to finish or have a trade. Girls are taught in school how to become wives and take care of their husbands.
  4. They learn how to be good wives at an early age.
  5. The girls of Callicity are taught how to cook by their mothers.
  • Both boys and girls go to the same school. Men have a greater responsibility than women.

Terrain and environment

Terrain: mostly mountains with narrow and coastal plain

Climate: tropical, hot, humid,temperate interior

Highest mountain: Alto-Mount

Water source: Aqua Lake

Seasons : Summer and fall

highest temperature: 94°

lowest temperature: 44°


The government of Callicity is a monarchy. Monarchy is a government ruled by a king or a queen who inherits their position from their family.

Famous People And Leader

  • Queen Aphrodite - Aphrodite was founder of Callicity.
  • Bethany Mckenahenzie- Brought the polytheistic religion to Callicity
  • Emma Prescott - was the first female to receive a bravery award and the first female solider

Famous Landmarks

  • The Bethoian temple was built to honor the goddess of food and animals Bethany . It was built by the famous constructor Popeyes . This temple is used for people to go and pray,worship and make sacrifices to the goddess. This temple was built in 1816.
  • Kenzie square was built in honor of military members that died during World War5. It was built by everyone in the town of Callicity as a memorial. The men brought the wood and bricks, women brought straw and beverages and the children did the artistic work such as doing hand panting and splatter painting. Kenzie square is used for hosting many gatherings honoring military members dead and alive. The grounds is kept very sacred so no playing by kids and no outdoor activities take place there. The gates are guarded to preserve the area.The Kenzie square was built in 1892.
  • Mackena Market Square was built by the Callicity construction team. It was built as a shopping centre for everyone to use. The square has many stores, such as clothing stores, a gated area for people to sell fresh produce. It has two meat markets and a store that sells household goods and appliances. It was built so that the people of Callicity would not have to travel to the next state to shop. The mackena market square was built in 1932.


Our religion is called Hinduism . This region came to us by the famous female trader Bethany. Bethany overheard the conversation of The Indian traders to the Chinese traders and she wrote down everything she heard from the statutes to the Vedas.

  • Info on Our religion: .Hinduism teaches that a person’s soul does not die when the body does.Hinduism developed slowly, coming together over 1,000 years during its Vedic phase,it’s still evolving. Unlike Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam, the start of Hinduism cannot be traced to one founder with one set of ideas. Its beliefs came from many sources. They include the Vedas.Vedas are most ancient Hindu scriptures, written in early Sanskrit and containing hymns and guidance on ritual for the priests of Vedic religion.

Traditional clothing

The people of Callicity wore clothes from the fashion line pyramided every day. On special occasions women and girls wore dresses from san maestro .Men and boys wear suits from the male warehouse.Everyone wears the types of clothing no matter what class they are in .

What are we most famous for ?

  • Our beautiful houses.We are famous for our becaues they are all uique and they are all on water.
  • Our trade production and trade route.We are famous for our trade production becaues of the things we trade such as water resisant wood. We are also famous for our trade routes becaues they are faster and more efficient becaues our island is located on water.
  • Our food.We are famous for our food because a major part of our national dish is a fruit (the ackee)