Survival Guide for the Sahara

Travis Bartay

Survival is hard.

Survival is VERY hard but I made it and if you follow these steps you will to.

what happend

The plane crashed in Africa, Eygept all i could see was dirt and some sand dunesat that time it was 87 deggres farenhight but it would get colder so it was temperet.

How to Survive

First find a weapon, like a stick or somthing.

Sencond if you see somthing alive KILL IT AND EAT IT.

Third it NEVER rains there practicly so if you kill somthing drink its liquids like a camel and its hump.

If you see a hamburger or a Coke your probly dolousinal so dont eat it it will be dirt or somthing else.

The Animals

if you see a coyote just run away becouse if you try to fight you will die. if you see a fennec fox try to kill it and eat it they dont attcak but there fast so it will be hard. If you see a scropian just let it go it barly has any meat plus it really stings.


If you see a catus fruit if you see one eat it. if you see s shrub its useless so keep on walking. a tree is great for shade and shelter