Village and ECDC Family Newsletter

January 20th-24th

Upcoming Dates


1/20/20: MLK Holiday- No School

1/23/20: Fire Drill @ ECDC and Village

I Love a Clean San Diego Presentations for 3rd Grade

1/24/20: Kona Ice Day

I Love a Clean San Diego Presentations for 3rd Grade

Progress Reports Go Home with Students

Next Week

1/27/20: Great Kindness Challenge- Sponsored by Student Council (Individual Teachers will plan for their classes)

1/28/20: Map Testing Begins-See Schedule Below

1/29/20: ELAC (English Language Acquisition Committee) Meeting @ 8:30 AM

1/30/20: Late Start Thursday -School Begins at 10:00am

1/31/20: 5th Grade Colonial Day


2/3/20: National Counseling Week and "Like" (For Parents of 4th and 5th Grade Students- See Flyer Below, Students older than 5th grade are more than welcomed to attend. )

2/7/20: ACE Assembly in Village Hall

2/10/20: Principal's Tea- Village Hall

2/13/20: CUSD Board Meeting

2/14 and 2/17/20 No School-President's Weekend

2/25/20: Winter Box Top Collection Due- Bring Box Tops to your child's teacher!

2/22/20: Coronado's Got Talent (Auditions are 1/12)

2/24/20: Community Read at Village and ECDC in collaboration with the Coronado Library

2/27/20: School Tour #2 @ 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM (Tour is for new or prospective families to Village and currently enrolled TK and K students moving to Village in Fall 2020)

2/29/20: Arts Extravaganza (Saturday Event: TK-5, 8:00 am- noon, Free event- Open to first 80 students) Permission Slips to be sent out 2/3/2020 in Monday Folders


3/2/20: Read Across America- Details to Come and School Site Council Meeting

3/12/20: Village and ECDC Open House-- Details to Come

3/18/20: CSF Telethon

3/19/20: Last Late Start Thursday -School Begins at 10:00 AM

3/25/20: Village Jog a Thon 8:30 (Grade level running times, TBD)

3/26/20: ECDC Jog a Thon 10:30- 11:30 (TK Dismissal @ 11:50)

3/28-4/5/20: Spring Break


4/6/20: Assistant Principal's Week

4/7-4/9 Parent Teacher Conferences- Early Release (For students below benchmarks)

4/10-4/13/20 No School- Easter Weekend

4/15/20 School Librarian Day

4/30/20: Bingo for Books`-Details to Come


5/4/20: School Site Council and Teacher Appreciation Week Begins

5/5/20: Day of the Teacher

5/6/20: School Nurse's Day

5/8/20: School Lunch Hero Day

5/18/20: Classified School Employee Week Begins

5/21/20: Art Walk and Art Auction @ Village (New Format: A whole family event!)

5/25/20: Memorial Day- No School


6/11/20: Last Day of School

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Parking in Back Lot- For Teachers Only 7th Street (In between CHS and Green Field)

Parents, please find alternative parking during the morning drop off. Since returning from break, more parents have been parking in the back lot, on 7th Street (between CHS and Green Field). This lot is reserved for teachers and CUSD staff. If dropping your students off for school, please find other parking on the nearby streets. We thank you for your patience and flexibility.
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CSF Events

Win a 6-passanger Golf Cart!

Feb 22 Coronado’s Talent Show

Benefits CoSA and CSF

Tickets are on sale now and will sell out! Purchase your tickets today at

CSF Telethon March 18th

5-9pm at the CHS Theater

Coronado Schools Foundation ®

201 Sixth Street∙Coronado, CA ∙92118

619.437.8059, Ext. 6 ∙ CSFKIDS.ORG

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The FLU is HERE! Please take precautions and read below


To families, students, and staff at CUSD,

It is that time of year again, flu season has arrived. While seasonal influenza outbreaks can occur as early as October, most of the time influenza (flu) peaks in January or later. Many of our students are experiencing colds while others are experiencing flu symptoms such as achiness, fevers, headaches, sore throats, and generally not feeling well. Flu symptoms usually come on suddenly.

Anyone can get sick from the flu. Most people who get the influenza will recover in a few days but some will develop serious complications that may require hospitalization. Most healthy adults may be contagious to other people beginning day 1 before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick. Children may pass the virus for longer than seven days.

Now is the time to review with your children preventative practices that may reduce the spread of germs. Try to avoid close contact with sick people. Frequent washing of hands with soap and warm water is important. Wash your hands for about 20 seconds, the length of singing twice “Happy Birthday”. Remind your children to cough or sneeze into their bent arm or into a tissue. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth as germs spread this way. Do not share drinks.

The best way to protect your children and yourself from the flu is to get them vaccinated each year. Traditional flu vaccines protect against three flu viruses; two influenza A viruses and an influenza B virus. The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a seasonal flu vaccine. Since it takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body that protect against influenza virus infection, it is best that people get vaccinated before influenza spreads in their community. However, getting vaccinated later can still be protective. The flu vaccine is available at doctor’s offices, clinics, and retail pharmacies.

Students with a fever of 100 degrees or more must stay home from school and can return after being fever free without medication for 24 hours. Students should also be clear of vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours. It is better to let your child recuperate fully before being exposed to more germs at school. This will also decrease the spread of the flu within the schools.

Please feel free to contact your school health offices or myself with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Joellen Semo, RN, MPH

District Nurse CUSD

Cell (619)972-8528

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Coronado Safe Talk

Coronado Safe Website

Positive Parenting Class begins this Week! Sign Up ASAP!

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"Like" the Movie-Hosted by Coronado SAFE

Parents of 4th and 5th Graders- Please Consider Attending

Students older than 13- Welcome to attend with their parents- Must purchase tickets to attend!

Get Tickets Here:

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Dear Parents,

Beginning the week of January 27th through February 10th, your child will take a MAP® Growth™ test from NWEA® on a computer. We give students MAP Growth tests to determine their instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year (and from year to year) in Mathematics and Reading for grades 2nd-5th and for Kindergarten and 1st grades, in math.

MAP Growth tests are unique in that they adapt to your child’s level of learning. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. This results in a detailed picture of what your child knows and is ready to learn—whether it is on, above, or below their grade level.

Since MAP Growth tests provide immediate and accurate information about your child’s learning, it’s easy for teachers to identify students with similar scores that are generally ready for instruction in similar skills and topics, and then plan instruction accordingly.

MAP Growth reports also provide typical growth data for students who are in the same grade, subject, and have the same starting performance level. Each school year, students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade take the tests. Following each testing period, you will receive a report showing your child’s growth, which you can review with your child’s teacher for more insight.

We are truly excited to focus on your child’s individual growth and achievement. For more information about the MAP Growth test, visit:

Please see the Village and ECDC schedule below.

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Visual and Performing Arts News (VAPA) from Cyndi Fuhrmann VAPA Instructor K-5th grade

Visual and Performing Arts News (VAPA)

from Cyndi Fuhrmann VAPA Instructor K-5th grade

In VAPA I am so proud of all our students’ theater skills before the break, We will continue with more action towards the end of January. They continue to inspire me with their creativity and bravery as they try new ways to express themselves for an audience. I am also impressed with their artist feedback and respect for their classmates when they are watching others perform. Kindergarten students learned about projecting their voices and had fun moving like sea creatures on the stage. We played drama games 1st-3rd grade with voice and imagination, and also explored improv. 4th graders created teeny tiny theater morality play with stick puppets that taught a lesson. 5h graders used creative writing to include voice and expression through monologues based on a series of master self-portraits.

In the Meet the Masters this month Kindergarten students are using scissors to create beautiful abstract underwater scenes inspired by Henri Matisse. Students 1st - 5th are learning about Norman Rockwell and how he liked to tell everyday stories with his paintings. They are designing their own magazine cover inspired by the Saturday Evening Post, which Rockwell made front cover illustrations for 50 years.

For the past month the walls at Village have been filled with foil embossed art in the style of Gustav Klimt from classrooms 103, 203, 303, 403 and 503.

Rockwell magazine covers will soon replace these with classes 102, 202, 302, 402 and 502.

I look forward to continued fun in the arts with all of our incredible volunteers and talented students!

Cyndi Fuhrmann - VAPA Instructor

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US Census


Census Takers are needed to make sure that all of our kids and people here on the Island and the Strand are counted so that we can maximize the money our local schools receive. The Census hires people from OUR neighborhoods to be Census Takers in OUR neighborhoods! Coronado and the Strand are divided into about 10 tracts by the Census. The goal of the Census is to adequately staff each tract so that census workers do not need to travel far to talk with their own neighbors — who knows your neighbors better than you? In the 2010 Census, Census Takers were responsible for returning 40% of our census numbers. They are very important jobs!

Benefits include great pay ($21 per hour), flexible hours (part/full time and day/weekends/evenings), weekly pay and paid training! This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity! Basic qualifications: 18 years or older (including students!!); must have a valid email address; U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.




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